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  1. No Its just out of guaruntee so they wont fix it , but thanks for your response
  2. I have a settee that was delivered in 2 halves due to its size and then fixed with a pin and flange mechanism in situ . Unforthunately the flange has broken and now the settee seperates when anyone sits down . Can anyone recommend an upholstery repairer that could fix asap . Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Im a greatbatch and Phil was my father in law, Im trying to view the photo but cant seem to see it could anyone offer me any help in viewing the photo x
  4. oh right,,, its good to hear things about him cos that was before I was born . Yeah he had a few connections some probaly more desirable than others
  5. Hi Ruby Greatbatch is still with us , as is her brother trevor . Sadly Phillip and Margeret have passed away . Sydney was thier dad
  6. hi chris was my dad , yeah he died in 1991 , and your right he sold no end of gold and we spent many an hour in the swan and globe lol
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