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  1. Thanks to Mylo I have two takers for a wedding film in April. Apologies to anyone else who may have been interested. thanks Lee
  2. Mylo Thanks for that. If I cannot get anything then I will push the dates. I am away from beginning of may to 18th (annual holiday booked last year). But yes I appreciate the timescale being difficult. I am definitely open to changing it as the deadline approaches. Thank you for the support. regards Lee
  3. Thanks Nico. I was hoping to get someone who maybe couldn't afford to hire someone to film who had already got everything booked. Loads of people have said they are getting married in August, September etc. I know the timescale is tight but as I say if someone already has everything else in place, this would be a nice free addition to their wedding. As someone who has been married before and is getting married again, I know it is stupidly expensive, which is why I will carry on doing some freebies each year. cheers Lee ---------- Post added 18-02-2015 at 14:00 ---------- Nico - Most churches will let you film for an additional cost which is no more than double figures. My idea is that the ceremony part is only a small part and would not film the entire ceremony in full, unless asked to do so by the couple.
  4. Hello I recently posted the following on Facebook and had 34 shares, but no takers as yet. Here is the post: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am starting a business, part of which will involve making wedding documentaries/films. As a one off promotional offer, I am offering one couple a free film of their wedding. The wedding needs to take place by the end of April 2015, ideally in the South Yorkshire area. If you are interested or know somebody who is, please message me with your details and I will get back to you with more information. Please feel free to share this or pass it on. Thanks you Lee SC films Ltd -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If anyone here is getting married in the time frame mentioned I am genuinely offering a free film, that would include: Interviews with family and friends before wedding. Filming some prep on day of wedding with bride and/or groom. Filming at service itself filming up to first dance. What you will get is a documentary style film with interviews about the couple, a little bit of preparation and getting ready on the big day, two cameras in the church to get some coverage and some filming at the reception. The final product will be personal and something people will want to watch over and over again and, your friends and family will really want to watch it (and not just watch it because it is the polite thing to do). Why is it free? Two reasons- this is a new business and while I have other footage I have filmed and edited etc I have no wedding footage to show prospective clients. secondly I will be doing one or two each year for no cost as I believe in trying to give something back and though it is a small thing to do, it nevertheless is my way of giving something back. Ok ramble over. Do you know anyone who may be interested? Are you interested? message me on here or Lee Cambell on facebook. regards Fishcake aka Lee
  5. It's disgusting. Children should not know of religion until they reach 30, then when they are smart enough they can decide for themselves. If all children wore corsets and vests there would be no gender confusion. I blame the tories.
  6. Sheffield being a super positive city attracts negative people. It's science people, pure and simple. Anyway this thread is rubbish and been done to death. See what I did there?
  7. Paul Daniels did this on a show in 1983 in the Bunko booth.
  8. http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2012/jun/25/olympic-torch-route-day-38-sheffield?newsfeed=true So SF gets a mention with AF1 leading the chuntering. AS well as being the belly dancing capital of the UK we are the chuntering capital. Do we have any other famous people here apart from angelfire1?
  9. Do you know when the winners will be announced? I reckon the writer of the chalk and cheese should win something. His first play and as good as that! excellent. cheers
  10. I went on Thursday night and it was a good night. The play chalk and cheese was brilliant. the other two plays were good too but that play was easily the best with a cast that were talented, natural and at ease on the stage. Not bad for 8 quid for three plays.
  11. I do not believe in this at all, but I know of many people who have used Joanne Gregory and have been very happy. Google her.
  12. I can believe it’s not butter. It tastes like crap
  13. My brother was asked what to call me when I was due, he called fishcakes LeeLees, he said I should be LeeLee, which meant fishcake. A silly name that has stuck, and I like Sheffield Fishcakes.
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