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  1. Hi - I found some posts relating to Direct Health homecare - are they still looking after you? Would you mind sending me a private message? Thanks.
  2. Hi I am trying to find someone who won a race during the Queen's Silver Jubilee visit to Hillsborough Park in 1977. He was about 14/15 at the time, was wearing a number 38 vest and was presented with a certificate by the Queen. The vest he wore for the presentation was light blue with a maroon and yellow diagonal stripe. If anyone was there and knows who this is, could you please let me know. Or if you know what school it might have been, that would also be useful. Thanks
  3. I am a researcher looking for anyone who was at Firth Park Grammar in 1937 and remembers an exchange visit of a party of German youths.
  4. BBC researcher looking for anyone who worked at the Daniel Doncaster steelworks on Penistone Rd, Sheffield in 1937 and remembers the visit of a party of German youths.
  5. BBC researcher looking for anyone who was working at the East Hecla steelworks in July1937 and remembers a party of German youths being shown around.
  6. Did you work at the Brown Baileys steelworks in 1937, and do you remember a party of German youths being taken on a tour of the works? BBC researcher looking for people who were there at the time.
  7. Does anyone know any pupils from King Edwards School in 1937 who might still be around and remember the German exchange visit to King Edwards School in 1937? And did anyone take part in the return trip to Germany?
  8. I'm a researcher with BBC Inside Out in Leeds. Does anyone remember the visit of a party of German youths to Sheffield in 1937? They were on an exchange with King Edwards and Firth Park Schools.
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