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  1. On behalf of my landlord - His cat gave birth to three fluffy black and white kittens on 26th May, meaning they are just over 11 weeks old. Although he already owns two cats, he's wanting to keep one kitten so two are available. Ideally he'd like them to go together so someone taking them both would get first option. Please read below (PM Me if interested or for e-mail address for photos) Sale Amount = FREE, HOWEVER, you must be willing to provide full address which you must be happy to have checked if he wishes to do so! Reason for Rehome / Sale - See above Time Scale – How Urgent? - Ready to go Has the Cat ever been in Rescue - No Location- S9 Age & Sex - 11 weeks, 1 girl, 1 boy (I think!) Vaccinated & Wormed - Not yet Neutered & Micro chipped - No Colour/markings - Black/White Long/Shorthaired - I'd say medium, but soft fluffy coat Live in / Or in and out - At moment in, but do run round garden Used to a cat flap - No Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals - Cats Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - None Temperament - Lovely OK with Dogs / Cats - Cats to date Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching - yes Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching - Yes Good or Bad with Children - Good Dislike of Men or Women - No Housetrained - Litter Trained!!!!
  2. Yes you can (or could a short while ago), however let customer services know in the Interchange.
  3. Those that made the decisions to change statements and hide from the truth should be ashamed and brought to Justice. Let me be clear that I'm pro-police and not anti-police. What happened on the day was a disaster which came about due to a number of factors (incl poor policing, planning, fans etc). Wrong decisions were made on the day by some. But for me this could have happened at many stadiums and by any police force. Some will have to live with decisions on the day, but people are human despite what happens. But what happened since was disgusting and I can see why the police are criticised. But remember that Plice Officers on the day completed the statements, the top rank (possibly after consultation with other agencies) changed certain aspects of them. The cops on the ground didn't. I've read many comments on forums aimed at cops today, from bent, murderers, pigs etc. These are wrong. Cops have a hard job, save lives and dont deserve this. Focus should be on those high up many years ago as rightly if a person (or cop) supplied an incorrect statement today they could and should face the court.
  4. Go see it! I Loved this. Hopefully you will have seen the first and not the remake Quarantine which although was decent, didn't have the same feel for me The second continues from the first and I thought it was great fun for a horror. Really enjoyed the demonic story/feel they have brought into it!
  5. Hot tub time machine - 7.5/10 - Decent comedy, nothing on the hangover Iron Man 2 - 7/10 - Not as good as the first, rushed the ending but dragged out the soul seraching stuff Back up plan - 5/10 - Not so average rom-com Bad lieutenant 8/10 - Very good drama Rec 2 - 10/10 - Brilliant sequel, great horror. (Spanish teach us well!) Sex & the City 2 - 7/10 - Not as good as the first, sometime embarrassing Prince of persa 6.5/10 - Decent, nothing exciting.
  6. You probably saw three Volvo's as it was possibly a serious traffic collision. The Volvo's are often used by traffic mobiles, the Focus's generally used by the local officers. The Focus's used are the basic diesel type so not so costly. The police run them into the ground! Traffic obvsiouly spend more on their cars i'd guess for obvious reasons.
  7. Year One - Average comedy. 6.5/10 Blood. Last Vampire - Very average vampire/kung fu type movie. Agree with some that the effects are poor 6/10 My sisters keeper - Touching, thoughtful, well acted but very good film IMO. Go see it. 8/10
  8. I think he's great. Love listening to the show beginning with his morning cheesy song. He is good because of the team who know how to handle him (i.e Dave, Dom, Carrie etc). He can come across as childish and occasionally a bully but you cant take him seriously and I think that is all part of the act. He's not the same on TV.
  9. The Hangover - Very funny film. 8/10 Looking for Eric - Overrated but decent Brit flick. Felt the film was funded for Cantona though and you could see this. 6.5/10 Transformers 2 - Most disappointing film of the year. Way too long and didn't like the two robots trying to be funny. 5/10 Telstar - Interesting but run of the mill documentary type film. Decent 6.5/10 Sunshine Cleaning - Good drama. Very watchable. Big fan of Amy Adams. 7.5/10
  10. I've seen the same on a website that he has died. Nothing confirmed yet. Hopefully not as despite being weird, eccentric and controversial, there was no one better at doing pop at his best. Legend!
  11. I've blasted people talking through a film in a thread on the film page (look in Sheffield Interests). In my experience (and I go 3 x a week) its very easy to generalise those who talk all the way through. It is on the increase. I think now more and more people go to meet friends and socialise, but a film screening isn't the place. The worst offenders are groups of youths, particuraly girls. Asians are always phone talkers/texters. Its difficult to report them as you are leaving a film to do so, challenging them isn't easy as you probably end up with some nutter (and there's a fair few) or you'd end up getting kicked out yourself And my other big moan, keep the feet down off the seats in front
  12. I know many men who shiver (with the chills) when they look at their wife
  13. I'm not one for shooting them all, but I frequently have to deal with addicts day in day out and many of them aren't pleasant people. I find without the heroin, many have addictive personalities, take the heroin away and they become alcoholics etc. Having heroin on the NHS isn't an option. What happens to all the addicts who inject? This can only go one for so long before the veins start collapsing and other matters arise from ill health. Heroin addicts are a massive drain on society financially and as many are involved in crime, they ruin the life of others.
  14. Likewise, I am interested as I really enjoyed Estikutum although the service level had dropped recently as they appeared tired of it. Fingers crosed its still a good buffet!
  15. I think i'll give it a whirl again soon. I've always loved the place albeit the last few times I have been (few months ago) I though the food had become even more expensive and it was a little too greasy and that standards had dropped.
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