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  1. Hi, I need a tankard engraving for tomorrow. Does anyone know of an engravers open tomorrow that could take a last minute? Thanks in advance!
  2. Some absolute loony today in the town centre obviously made the best of the good weather by standing on a step ladder and decided to shove 'the word of god' down everyone's throat. I didn't stand along but he drew a relatively decent crowd which he probably wanted. Again, it's best not to give these types any attention, and even making this thread probably isn't helping. But when I'm just trying to shop why should I have to put up with really crass and homophobic comments. In this day and age it just shouldn't happen. Just not nice to have really, even if it's the smallest margin of people who do it. Is there anything that can be done about it? I know freedom of speech is crucial, but isn't hate preaching just as bad.
  3. I'm just looking for opinions from people who've worked (or currently work) for Knowhow in customer services? I saw there was a thread on here back in 2013, and the general response was to put it bluntly quite negative! I'm just trying to get a general idea of what it's like today. I'm going for an interview tomorrow but have really been put off by it. So hopefully I can get some responses and find out what it's like working there now.
  4. Basically our pups outgrown his dog bed, so we've had to buy him a new one. The bed is still in great condition, but rather than throwing it away I wondered if there was any rescues that would be in need of it? I wouldn't be able to delivery it myself any further than the hillsborough area since I don't have a car, but someone's more than welcome to pick it up if need ---------- Post added 25-02-2013 at 13:22 ---------- http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/8707745.htm It's the same one as shown here.
  5. It seems a decent class that's within my price range. Unfortunately it's too far away to take him.
  6. hi, I'm looking for some puppie obedience classes in the s6 area. I've seen some other posts and topics about classes for dogs, but none anywhere near me. Unfortunately i can't go too far since we haven't got a car but want to find a class for my dog asap! Thanks in advance.
  7. Haven't gone through the thread, but do you need a home for any of these cockapoodles? Nevermind, probably should have read through the thread. Glad all the pups have found a home.
  8. Better late than never Any idea where this will be??
  9. Wow. You absolute selfish cow. Yeah let's hope it chucks it down, causes problems for people getting home, leaves the city in a stand still and floods the local peoples homes and businesses so YOU lazy sort can have a lie in.
  10. Probably should've been a bit more specific!! Looking for more of a morning dress suit- but either would do. And yes, I would be wearing the suit for the actual photo. As for size, I'm not entirely sure!
  11. Hi, Bit of a weird situation, but I'm in need of a wedding suit for my photography class in college. Does anyone know where I can hire a suit for really cheap, as I'll literally need it for an hour or 2 at the most. Most of the places I've tried have been quoting ridiculously high prices, but then again I've probably been looking at the wrong places. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  12. Is Hillsborough College likely to be open tomorrow?
  13. I know this has been discussed before, but that was back in 2007! I thought It'd be a good idea to get this thread going again, as i haven't really had a decent pizza in Sheffield as of yet. Everywhere that does them are just your usual bog-standard rubbish. So if anyone knows where to get the best pizza (preferably take-away!) then let us know! Thanks
  14. Thanks I'll give that a go Although i've never used cup measurements before!
  15. Well that's exactly my predicament, i love the cookie dough pieces in Ben & Jerry's ,tried making my own and it just tasted
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