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  1. Great thanks I'll get one, anything is worth a try 👍
  2. She thinks we're getting at her cos of her hut which with one push will fall down but she blames us cos we feed the birds. I'll get enviromental health out
  3. We are pulling our hair out here. Our neighbour has a delapidated shed at the bottom of her garden and rats are breeding in it. We told her over 6 months ago about it to which she didn't appreciate it but called out pest control. She never got them back to see if the treatment worked, however they are still a problem. It's costing us a fortune in bait and the traps we set they just seem to take the bait and somehow manage to not spring the trap! Should we pay for pest control when they are coming from her garden? Help!
  4. Putting a dado rail on With a window at the top of the stairs it's proving difficult to get the bottom paper at the same height all the way round
  5. Can anyone please advise me on how you hang two different patterned wallpapers on a staircase with a border so they look level all the way up and around? TIA
  6. Thanks for this. I'll have to just take a chance and knock on his door I guess
  7. I'm trying to trace my half Cousin, I believe her Mother Dorothy, half Brother and Stepdad both called Philip Thackeray moved from Skyedge to Rotherham, either Fenton Way or Road. Her Mother Dorothy has passed away but hopefully someone knows her Brother or stepdad and can put me in touch with them. 🤞
  8. I've used a mixture of salt and white vinegar and hey presto it's going! Tiny shoots that are coming up I dig out before they get established. It's an ongoing process but I'll crack it! And my neighbours bindweed which is the culprit is dead too! I sprayed it with her permission I might add.
  9. Hi. Can anyone recommend a nail technician in the S35 area who does silk wraps please?
  10. Seeing as my neighbour doesn't care about her garden I'll use boiling water as it wont matter what it catches. Thanks
  11. We have Bindweed in our garden creeping through from our neighbours garden. How can we eradicate it ? She is not interested in in hers at all. I keep digging out what I can and still it comes back. I don't want to use weedkiller as we have dome delicate plants in ours. Help!
  12. Hi, Has anyone (female) taken the supplement Pueraria Mirifica? What does it do? Is it safe to take etc?
  13. Hi, can anyone give us some help and advice about pond fish. Ours are not eating, they are staying on the bottom and we have just lost two, it might sound daft but looks like they are shedding their skin, I'm assuming it's fin rot? They all have pin prick white spots all over. We have treated them with Medifin after seeking advice but it's having no effect. The water is fine as we have tested it, we are at a loss what to do. Help!
  14. Right guys n girls, if you went to Woodburn Road School at anytime before it closed, there is a tour/reunion being arranged as we speak. Refreshments and photos are being arranged too! Don't miss this opportunity to go back to our old School to taken one last look. Spread the word! Will let you know what day and time asap
  15. A hairdresser stripped and re-dyed my dark hair on the same day because I wanted to go very light. She never did a strand test. She re-assured me it could be done with a number of treatments over time but in a short space of time, a couple of weeks apart. After trying to get another appointment and no contact from this salon I went elsewhere and was informed that my hair will never be able to be dyed the color I wanted as I am naturally dark. They did a strand test and got back to me with the results. The test had desintegrated and told me I had been lucky not to continue with the process because my hair would have fallen out! I am left with bleached hair that cannot be touched for some time. All I want is my money back of £120 so I can put it toward getting my hair sorted.
  16. Hi, can anyone recommend a solicitor that specialises in hair negligence? Thanks
  17. After having my hair dyed black for a while and my grey coming through everytime I decided to have a change. I wanted to go silver so my hair wouldn't need dying and I could embrace the grey. I went to a local salon (not my regular one) and the girl there said it can be done but would take few sessions and will need stripping and lighting up. I was in there approx 8 hours and I was £120 lighter! I was told to come back after a couple of weeks and the next stage can begin. With hindsight I didn't go back because I was ill. I went back to my usual salon who informed me that my hair could never be the colour I want and whoever stripped my long hair has ruined it and mis-informed me that it can! I could have lost all my hair! They did a strand test which proved it right! So my only option is to wait now and go back dark! I've been lucky. So now what do I do? Can I get my money back? Or do I put it down to a bad experience?
  18. You need a woman who will sort through your stuff. I go by a saying my Mother taught me....if you haven't used/worn it in a year then you don't need it. My home is very clutter free and very few ornaments (dust holders). Men tend to hoard alot of stuff. I've taught my husband my way of thinking too! A clear house is a clear mind!
  19. The monitors are rubbish! I'm on my 2nd one and thats gone caput now! I contacted british gas who assure me my smart meters are working fine, to switch off my monitor and move it closer to the meters and switch it on again, which impossible cos they are outside! Leave it 7 days and if it still doesn't connect then contact them again and they will send me a monitor free of charge! It's unplugged and in the ruddy bin!
  20. Hi, are there any carboots this Sunday 16th at either Thorpe Hesley, Oldcoates, Bowshaw or Marsh Lane? Thanks
  21. About a week. The pond is't very big, about 4ft and the fish aren't big either but two had babies last year.we are new to this and only started this fish keeping thing last year. 6 fish and roughly 6 babies maybe more when they do eventually come up from the bottom
  22. How do you feed your fish if you go away? Any advice please?
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