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  1. TJC1, I agree with you too (it's a mutual appreciation society on SF this afternoon isn't it?!) I'm afraid I sort of went off topic when mentioning bars and venues. This intrepid soul wants to put on a new night which is different to a bar trying to staunch the flow of punters/cash. My comments stand about promoters really finding out what would draw a regular crowd to a venue. Get the music policy right and you could be onto a winner. Plug it, promote the backside off of it and you'll get known. Ultimately, the nights that last the distance are credible and have an USP (be it cheap beer, location or music policy). Back in the day when I was a young lad and my beard wasn't all white, I dabbled a little with promoting a night for my friend. Hard work but the rewards are there if you have a good idea of what you want to achieve and you stick to your plan...
  2. TJC1, I agree with what you're saying but I think that NOW is the time for a new, innovative night that works hard to get people in. Let's face it, West Street/Division Street are strips - folk hop from bar to bar to bar, on a circuit. There's a LOT of dud bars and venues that get business irrespective of whether they are actually any good. They are just part of the strip. I seem to recall that back in the early 90's, when we were in another recession, Back to Basics, Renaissance, Cream, Gatecrasher to name but a few all flourished because they tried harder. If more bars/venues/clubs in Sheffield pulled their thumb out and worked for their money, maybe there'd be more "destination" bars and less bar hopping. Let's face it, during the good times of the Noughties, there was a huge growth in new bars in Sheffield (and every other town). Now the money isn't there, there's going to be a contraction. Less demand=less supply. It's the way of the world. Equally, there's a lot of "cool" bars that are just the Emperor's New Clothes and they'll have to start proving themselves soon when people vote with the cash in their pockets. If a promoter with some financial backing (and not a piddly few hundred quid) and a decent idea launches a new venue/night and *works hard* to keep it going, then chances are they won't fold after a few weeks and we might still be talking about them in a year or two's time.
  3. I'd be interested in any night that has the stones to not follow the herd that play commercial/cheesy/chart/pop, the usual tired r'n'b suspects, obscure (yet popular with some) facets of dance music or has an inane DJ playing what they want. Problem is, West Street/Division Street is a closed shop. There are no venues prepared to change what they currently play as their staff, DJ's and clientele know exactly what they are getting. And don't get me started on one particular bar on Divvy Street that shall rename nameless but whose "too cool for school" attitude makes me spontaneously combust whenever I pop in for a half of mild on the off chance that they *might* possibly have changed into a half decent, slightly cool, friendly bar!!! I'm choking on my Werthers here, I'll have to go....
  4. Whilst there's been some previous threads about this estate agency before on SF, these all seem to be over a few years old hence this post... I'd like to ask SF members if they've recently had any dealings with Haybrook and how they've found the service. Chatting to friends of mine about their experience of selling their house seems to be a real nightmare with a lot of money in fees being *potentially* paid for not much in the way of pro-activity on their behalf. I know we're not in a good climate for selling houses and that estate agents can only sell property to interested buyers but to my mind, its the level of service the vendor receives that is the central issue here. Coming from a Customer Service background myself, I've been listening to these stories with dismay! If you've had a bad experience, please let me know. Would just like to know my friends aren't a one-off occurence... Thanks Albert
  5. My mate was complaining about the price of Propecia which I understand is a 'cure' for male baldness. Being blessed with thick luxuriant locks meself, I couldn't really empathise too much. I'm guessing you don't get this on the NHS?
  6. I'd offer REM's "The One I Love"...it *sounds* pleasant enough until you realise Michael Stipe is referring to "...a simple prop to occupy my time". Ouch! The White Stripes definitely in the lead with this though - spite and venom lo fi style...Oh yes!
  7. Glad to see SF'ers can see common sense when others elsewhere can't. It's a mouse with an accent. On a skateboard. On a TV show. On a TV station for pre-schoolers. And....the world moves on. NEXT!
  8. About 15 years ago, the moral minority (you know, the ones that read The Daily Mail) were horrified that the Teletubbies were making our kids speak like they had serious learning difficulties. And more recently, the same moral minority reckoned that the Cbeebies female presenter (and recognised TV and theatrical actress) Cerrie, was scaring kids due the fact she was born NOT ENTIRELY WHOLE and (gasp!) had a lower arm missing. So effin what? Kids revel in diversity, accents, slaptstick, cartoons...they don't even question why a mouse speaks in Jamaican patois, to them it's all good. They don't look at a disabled kid on "Something Special" on CBeebies and feel "uncomfortable". (Mr Tumble is now officially HUGE and where else do kids learn sign language for fun?) It's the "adults" that find things like so terribly wrong and quite frankly, it's a small minded, right wing, not in my back yard bunch of Home Counties, Cameron adoring, twin set and pearls sporting, bring back hunting chinless wonders whose own kids are all grown up and doing very well in the City now, thanks very much. And the nanny would never let their children watch CBeebies anyway; it's common. So let them moan and let our kids enjoy diversity, difference and cartoon mice!!!
  9. Does anyone know anything about this bar other than its opening on 11 February? Cheers! UA
  10. £95 for a new aerial and cabling for one room...
  11. I'd recommend Jimmy at J & A aerials. Friendly, knowledgeable and won't rip you off. He's fitting a new aerial for me this weekend. Explained all the options and cost involved when I asked about a splitter to put an extra co-axial feed into my bedroom. Would definitely use him again if I had need to. 0114 2726594 or 07746627282.
  12. I've got an old N95 which I'm going to flog on one of the cashback sites but I've forgotten the code to unlock the phone (the default is 12345) I don't think there's a quick/easy way to reset the password so can anyone suggest somewhere cheap in town I can try? Thanks
  13. If there's anyone (or any DJ) that uses Traktor Pro and who could spare a few hours giving me a hand to get the basics learned, please get in touch? Can't pay but can keep you in tea/coffee/beer as required! Cheers!
  14. Hello Really need to chat with you about your gig and Mod for it. Can't DM you as new user so can you please DM me or leave contact number/email? Be Seeing You.
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