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  1. joined the reptile forum and omg im in heaven, my bloke has not heard the last of it since i went on, theres so many beauties on there and some for sale, omg i need to win the lottery lol
  2. lol yep may need a bigger house if you carry on lol. i got a kitten snake and hamster lol, did have a rat but had to have him put down late last year. did become a member back last may and then forgot me log in details lol so gonna hhave to reapply lol. any ideas on may be my next snake from your past experience?
  3. lol mines only going to get to about 5 t 6 foot, as apparently i have a really unusual snake for captive. the guy in snakes and adders said hes the only one hes ever known to have one of these snakes, and i looked it up to see if there was any one out there with a gulf hammock and the nearest i can find is america lol. so not really going to be able to breed her. dnt know what i wont next but i cant wait to get another, also like the bearded draggons aswell lol
  4. cool, yeh nice to see some more lovers on here, im only a small collector at the moment, as i have a Gulf Hammock rat, still only young, looking for another now
  5. hi to all, i was wondering if there was any snake keepers on here, and just looking to have a chat and share info on our precious breeds
  6. mini my cat seems to be ok, we got her from 5 weeks old she was found by some men in a warehouse in a industrial estate, they rescued 8 kittens altogether, and beautiful markings, its taken about two months for her to come out of her shell. for the first two months she would hide in the smallest of places that are dark. To stop her from getting hurt or injured we set up a dark warm spot up stairs out of the way of our daily goings, as shes used to hide behind cookers or fridges or washers so we set up a little den up stairs, and my daughter for two months sat there at the side of the den and just talked to her, took her treats and toys, and gave her little strokes. After three weeks she didnt seem to be coming out so we got a 6 month old kitten that was a very loving and playful cat, that made a effect on mini, not that she got on with the other cat just that she came out and hide in the living room and stood her ground that this was her home, but she didnt really like the other kitten at all, and we couldnt leave them alone at all with out splitting them up so eventually we had to find a loving home for the other kitten. as soon as the other kitten had gone mini just transformed into a lovely cat, she came out all the time, she started to come to us adults for attention, and now she will jump on our knee have so much love. she's a fantastic cat. plus i work from home so she does have constant attention when she wonts it.
  7. i did the as level art , and at the time i was experiencing cancer with a immediate family member so my out look on life was very up and down and slightly depressing and stressful. so what i got advised to do was take a look around some past artist that you feel suit yyour needs and moods for what im going through and base my work at the time around there styles and mediumships. i choose Bacons work as his work is very dark and sort of screems out help, so i based my work on the way he portrays his. my main exam piece was from what i can remember done around flowers and there detail and beauty, but i took that a pulled the flowers in to what could only be said as missery. i still walked out with a A pass. hope it helps you and good luck
  8. no we tried getting her another cat just a bit a couple of monnths older than her, but no she didnt like it, she just hid away and would stay well clear of the other cat, so we found the other cat a loving home and all of a sudden our mini turned in to the perfect cat, shed climb ya knee, she wonted constant fussing, she would be in the same room as you, it seemed to change her for the better.
  9. yes in about a weeks time shes going in for speying as im a firm believer in theres two many cats in the world and in need of homes. she will be in asap. our mini (thee cat) is enough for us and brings us so much joy and laughter.
  10. lol if i can get her done while shes in season i will but mine doesnt go out and doesnt even attempt to so dont think ill have a problem this time. thank you so much all really put my mind at ease
  11. no not been out at all, and doesnt go out at all she is a pure house cat, so after shes finished this season i will take her down and get her done
  12. arrr right, well ill get squating up lol
  13. lol, its new to me as ive only ever had one other cat and that was male, so all new to me with female
  14. yeh last few days, really unusual shes not usually like this and shes rubbing her self against us as well
  15. we have had our kitten now for 4 months. she was a ferrel and its taken time and alot of tlc to get her to come out of hiding and become a house cat. shes a fantastic cat and so loving, but over the past couple of days she going through this mood where she is constantly meowing and rubbing her self up against things, shes senting the house all over, and shes meowing all day and night. shes eating like a champ and drinking well and toliet is no problem just cant work out why she is meowing all the time any ideas people
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