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  1. Unfortunately, the school closed some years ago, and the "The Brushes" building was demolished. Thank you, though!
  2. I would like to purchase a copy of "The Brushes Story" by Firth Park Grammar teacher T.F. "Spike" Johnson. It's no longer in print, and is what the British Library refers to as an orphan work (as Mr. Johnson is deceased and the publisher no longer in business). My brother-in-law was born and schooled in Sheffield, but has never read the book; I want to find it for him. Any help or suggestions on finding a family member of Mr. Johnson's would be greatly appreciated, barring that, I'd be happy with a copy of the original!
  3. I thank you for your response; I understand- I wouldn't part with a piece of my life, either. If you have any info on Mr. Johnson and/or those in charge of his estate, I would so appreciate any information. I'm in Texas, else I would plead my case with the local library in person. Surely you know this website! http://firthparkgrammarschool.co.uk/?page_id=408 Thank you & best regards.
  4. To clarify an earlier post... I'm looking to purchase a copy (in any condition) of T.F. "Spike" Johnson's out-of-print "The Brushes Story" on Firth Park Grammar. The library has it, but there are copyright issues; I can't locate the publisher, nor any of Mr. Johnson's family. I'd very much like to make a gift of the book to my brother-in-law who is far from home (Texas) and remembers Mr. Johnson as the "BEST teacher he ever had". Thank you!
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