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  1. Hello can anyone recommend a joiner who can repair my bay windows? Thank you Paul
  2. In an interview on Wednesday Conservative peer Patience Wheatcroft said, “I think it’s interesting that the UKIP vote has gone down and the Conservative vote has gone up by about the same amount.” It has already been noted that since she came to office, Mrs May has effectively been delivering the 2015 UKIP manifesto.
  3. Why is this forum debating Proportional Representation when Mrs May’s speech in Downing Street yesterday was profoundly anti-democratic. What the Prime Minster seemed to be saying was that she can brook no opposition. Brexit, her kind of Brexit, is such an overriding priority that the normal conditions of democracy are somehow suspended. Politicians who represent the views of almost half those who voted in the referendum are, by representing those views in Parliament, being in some way traitorous. Whilst Mrs May was claiming she wanted to bring people together, what she appeared to be actually trying to do was to eliminate dissent.
  4. Since Mrs May came to office, she has effectively been delivering the 2015 UKIP manifesto.
  5. Hello Morrisons have plug plants £1 for 12.
  6. Hello. Just had a check Spalding Bulbs http://www.spaldingbulb.co.uk have some plants in stock. Euphorbia Milli - £6.50 each. Unfortunately for every order the delivery is £4.95 no matter what you order.
  7. Hello What is the cost of your Wednesday drop-in sessions?
  8. Hello have you tried Roneys butchers on Sharrowvale Road? Telephone 0114 2660 593. Excellent service and quality meat.
  9. Hello I think the person you are talking about is Julian Brandram. He has recently moved house from Meersbrook. His website is:- http://appletrees.org.uk His e-mail is julianbrandram@yahoo.co.uk or call 01248 491829 before 9pm. I know worcesterberries are in stock here - £6.50 each plus delivery. http://www.korewildfruitnursery.co.uk/nursery.html
  10. Can anybdy tell me a good place to get my iphone unlocked? Thank you
  11. Can anybody recomend a garage to repair a puncture in my car tyre.
  12. Set aside is where you genuinely disagree with the CCJ - usually when a mistake has been made. If the fine has been paid then a mistake has been made in issuing the CCJ. Documented evidence of payment by OP's partner would show a mistake has been made.
  13. Have you tried ottolenghi's kibbeh? Less a samosa more a shepherd's pie!!! Tastes really good though. I like this recipe as it isn't fried also you don't get any cracking! link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/.../yotam-ottolenghi-kibbeh-vide... Have you tried Osmands London Road? Up the stairs at the back of the shop. Will have a look when I go in next week.
  14. My advice would be to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau. If you go on their website there is reams of information about Bailiffs. If you feel you are being overcharged then ask the Bailiff to itemise their charges. The Bailiffs are acting under instructions from the Court. If you feel you have been overcharged, make a complaint to the Court. The Court is responsible that Bailiffs they employ don’t overcharge. In my opinion having charges more than the original debt is excessive. If you pay off the debt to the Council but not the bailiffs’ charges that you owe, the bailiffs can’t take goods from you just to recover their own costs. They'll have to take action against you themselves to get the money back. This may buy you some time, especially if you believe the charges to be excessive. If you consider taking this action contact the CAB first who will give you appropriate advice.
  15. The fine for travelling in a bus lane is £60 this is reduced to £30 only if paid within 14 days. If your partner has paid the £30 then they should contact the council with the details. If they didn't pay the fine after 28 days, the fine increases to £90. At this point a 'Notice to Owner' letter should have been issued to your partner. If payment still hasn't been received by the council, a Charge Certificate should have been issued. If payment still hasn't been received then the case will normally be registered at the Traffic Enforcement Centre (Northampton County Court). If payment still hasn't been received then an Order For Recovery will be issued. If the payment still remains unpaid after this then Certificated Bailiffs are appointed to collect the debt. The appointed Bailiffs can add their fees to the debt. If your partner has paid the fine they should produce the evidence to the bailiffs. This will stop the problem you are having. If they haven't paid the fine where have all the notices been going? All this info is available on Sheffield Council website.
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