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  1. What make and model number is it and il try and help.
  2. The chinese firework company at the bottom of london road.If you want good fireworks dont buy garden fireworks.Look for the words display firework on the box or firework you are buying.But dont forget to treat all fireworks with the greatest of caution,as though they just might explode as soon as you touch them with a flame and hopefully you will have a happy expierience with fireworks. Be safe.And hopefully you will enjoy.
  3. Does anyone know,what days owlerton will be having fireworks.Have watched them from afar for a few years and would really like to go this year.
  4. will def look thanks,but any idea why every supermarket does not.
  5. But i dont know why.Fish and chips with brewed vinager is terrible.
  6. anyone know why supermarkets do not stock it.
  7. The hot bath idea sounds safer,so i will pass it on thanks for the input.
  8. Does anyone know if its true that a hot curry can help induce labour,or is it an old wives tale.
  9. in one year my £338 car insurance has now gone up to £680 ?.same car same safe driver.another years no claim bonus,and its doubled.Have tried the comparison sites there cheapest is £800.Whats going on.My insurance people say its all these no win no fee companys getting more and more money from each claim.But is that me,or my fault.The insurance game needs sorting,obviously they have no idea what they are doing.
  10. IF its lcd not plasma,very easy to fix.Cost about £40 to £50,PM me if interested.
  11. Does anyone know if the radio signals i recieve on my car radio will be affected,by the switchover ?.A while back i caught somthing on the news about parliment discussing radio problems after switchover,but cant remember seing any solution.
  12. seem to remember something about the double deckers?.And the banana men ?.LOL. Happy memorys.
  13. If you have sound and the screen is not lighting.Your problem is the inverter.If the screen is lighting but no picture then its your screen driver panel.
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