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  1. Hi, looking for a bassist for our covers band, rock type stuff, few gigs lined up. Own private practice room, must be up for a giggle and also hard graft.
  2. Hi guys, does anyone know the nearest public slipway in or around Sheffield? Ta Stuart
  3. Hi, anyone recommend a tow bar fitter, I have the towbar. Thanks Stuart
  4. Hi, I'm wanting to rent a garage for around a month to do some work on my small boat, car size garage would be fine as long as it safe and secure. Ta,
  5. Hi, singer wanted for covers band, rock, indie alsorts really. Great practice space. We have only just started so you have to be a patient singer. We are a friendly laid back bunch. Please please please no massive egos. Ta
  6. Big room to share, kelham island, 110 per month +electric
  7. Hi, we are wanting a band practice space where we can keep our gear and have sole access (or is there anyone who wants to share?) Please get in touch
  8. No it wasn't flooding before it was serviced, I've contacted the bloke who did it and waiting for a reply. Bit tricky as the boat is in Lincoln and I'm in Sheffield. So it's a weekend job
  9. Cheers bill I'll try that, so if I move the float the needle valve should move freely? Sorry I'm a carb numpty
  10. Hi guys, hope someone can help. I recently had my carb serviced and cleaned. I put the carb back on my engine and it is constantly flooding, took the plugs out and turned it over, it was like a fountain!! Do you think something is stuck open in the carb?? I'm not good with carburetor's. Ta Stuart
  11. Hi, maybe not geek ? I have an ignition system for an old boat of mine which I'm having problems with, there is an obvious problem that I can see, broken connection. If you think you can help and are electronically minded please pm me for more info
  12. Hi, I have just restored a Brealey Smith Buccaneer Jet boat, late 60's early 70's, great little boat, if only I could use it, I am finding it difficult to find anywhere to use it. Its a wave runner type small PWC and can travel upto 30 knots. Any suggestions folks
  13. Ive got the condenser out , its no good, stuggling getting a replacement, i have serial numbers etc. Cant find one anywhere
  14. I have, its all there but i cant get my head around it, getting volts to the ht leads no spark, tested the coils got a spark, bit snookered.
  15. I have a Rotax 373, approx 1970, 2 stroke twin. It has a Bosch CD ignition with lighting coil, this being the problem ! no spark, can anyone help, advise, fix! It is a strange ignition system. please help:)
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