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  1. no excuse as there are plenty of toilets that can be used in town many part of the community toilet scheme just off the top of my head they are at the bus station, All betting shops must have a toilet as part of their licence requirements, Starbucks/costa, Orchard square, Crucible, M&S, Cole Brothers. Debenhams, Atkinsons, Moor Market in fact there are more toilets for public use now than when we had public toilets
  2. ring the police say youve seen people with guns no teloing if they are air guns or not
  3. yes just confirms my thoughts, i think he (Tony) just got carried away talking to what he thought was some bloke and it spiralled out of control and once it started its hard to roll it back. its justa bit sad that others who volunteer their time tending to war memorials not just in endcliffe but around the city are not given the same kind of publicity, also nothing has been said about SCC who undertake a lot of work on these that includes Parks staff who clear the memorials regardless of what certain people think
  4. SYPTE own the ground previoulsy it was sheffield transport then SYT then when they deregulated the bus service it passed over to the sypte
  5. local councillors are lib dem and have been for many years ask them why they didnt invest money in the empty dilapidated cottage when they were in power also government
  6. to be fair that is probably fly tipped rubbish its a constant blight up there due to the secluded nature of the road the travellers are for the most quite clean as they know they usually get blamed wrongly for the fly tipping
  7. they didnt sell any land at graves to build a house on, it was an exisiting structure that was beyond econmical repair from the councils view, outside the park and was renovated using the same footprint.
  8. correct, dont get me wrong its good he does volunteer but likewise there are many other across the city and across the UK who do the same and havent been lucky enough to meet a BBC presenter. i also see people are crowdfunding for the upkeep it doesnt need funding as SCC already look after it, they put the steps in a few years ago and also keep it clean as its part of the park an also tidying it up in prepartion for rememberance day
  9. 🙄 yeah maybe they should just leave them lying about on the floor FAB!!
  10. to answer your question if it is a council allotment call the parks dept and they will arrange for clearance however you can also request a picker and a bin so if you or any other allotment users come across them they can safely be removed so any other members of the public are not at risk. you can also request training on how to safely use the bins/pickers etc if your part of the allotment society you can then call environmental services who can collect and dipose of the bin
  11. nope why? because I've raised a valid issue regarding war memorials city wide and the help all volunteers do?
  12. im not being negative i'm pointing out hes not the only person who volunteers on war memorials in the city hes not even the only person who volunteers on the Mia Amigo memorial many people volunterr including the friends of groups. i have seen that a new batch of volunteers may have even painted the timber handrails etc because this gentleman thoiught it needed it the fact its tanalised timber will mean it will look awful in a few years. also its a war memorial you cant just go round doing what you want (however well intentioned) because you have some link to it otherwise people would be doing alsorts to various war memorials
  13. the parks/council actually look after the memorial and is cleaned almost daily by them, i dont doubt this man puts some time in but to make out hes the only person who does work on this is disingenous. there are a number of volunteers city wide who also work on memorials
  14. it all depends on what the work is the timing for repairs are genereted aurtomatically so it wouldnt identify christamas time and most people would expect the council not to start something and them leave it over the xmas period.
  15. you can if the neighbour and council agree offer to pay to have the tree pollarded by one of the councils contractors ( they usually for for 3 quotes ) speak to the tree section in the council the housing side will only pass your details on to them they can at least visit and say what you can offer to do. but the first thing is to get permission from the neighbour as she may like the tree
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