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  1. Narden Dee

    Drug use Periwood Avenue Millhouses

    🙄 yeah maybe they should just leave them lying about on the floor FAB!!
  2. Narden Dee

    Drug use Periwood Avenue Millhouses

    to answer your question if it is a council allotment call the parks dept and they will arrange for clearance however you can also request a picker and a bin so if you or any other allotment users come across them they can safely be removed so any other members of the public are not at risk. you can also request training on how to safely use the bins/pickers etc if your part of the allotment society you can then call environmental services who can collect and dipose of the bin
  3. nope why? because I've raised a valid issue regarding war memorials city wide and the help all volunteers do?
  4. im not being negative i'm pointing out hes not the only person who volunteers on war memorials in the city hes not even the only person who volunteers on the Mia Amigo memorial many people volunterr including the friends of groups. i have seen that a new batch of volunteers may have even painted the timber handrails etc because this gentleman thoiught it needed it the fact its tanalised timber will mean it will look awful in a few years. also its a war memorial you cant just go round doing what you want (however well intentioned) because you have some link to it otherwise people would be doing alsorts to various war memorials
  5. the parks/council actually look after the memorial and is cleaned almost daily by them, i dont doubt this man puts some time in but to make out hes the only person who does work on this is disingenous. there are a number of volunteers city wide who also work on memorials
  6. Narden Dee

    Council work not completed on time

    it all depends on what the work is the timing for repairs are genereted aurtomatically so it wouldnt identify christamas time and most people would expect the council not to start something and them leave it over the xmas period.
  7. Narden Dee

    Advice about trees

    you can if the neighbour and council agree offer to pay to have the tree pollarded by one of the councils contractors ( they usually for for 3 quotes ) speak to the tree section in the council the housing side will only pass your details on to them they can at least visit and say what you can offer to do. but the first thing is to get permission from the neighbour as she may like the tree
  8. gas checks should be carried out annualy if you are a landlord
  9. Narden Dee

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    Theres plenty of examples already quoted where he has done things that i find idiotic, but for you to infer it is down to bigotry is wrong. previous mayors have done what was expected in a professional way (apolitical, neutral etc) but i have been critical of councillors/MPs when they have done stupid things ( oMara, bryan lodge, Scrivens) this bloke was going to ride to the somme for charity then pulled out with a shoulder injury the day before which meant he couldnt ride, but miraculously made a recovery the day after for the sharrow festival where he was holing his arms aloft. he thought a few hours at a spinning class would be good prepartion for a ride to France, as i say he'll probably not stand as a councillor again and will take his place as a dj on Radio Sheffield where he can eke a z list celbrity career.
  10. Narden Dee

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    thats a pathetic response i dont like him and im not bigotted my reasons are not to do with his race/ethnicity/religion its because hes a bloody idiot he's using it as a platform for himself rather than for Sheffield
  11. the council wouldnt use this as a route to eviction unless you have refused them access they would take legal action to force access to carry this testing out, however it looks as though there is more to this and you have said you have been in their eyes unwelcome/anti-social so that may be an issue they may feel unsafe entering the premises it may also be down to the stae of your property i know some places that have been refused due to various issues ( dog faeces etc) you need to visit your local office and try and work out an arrangment or the excat reason they havent carried out the test
  12. Narden Dee

    No Armistice display in Sheffield again?

    you're wrong the council bought the majority other were paid for by parish councils etc. a simple email/FOI to the council will confirm that fact or speak to a councillor but yet again what did you do ? did you organise anything ? did you volunteer to clean any of the memorials? did you offer your services in any other way?
  13. Narden Dee

    No Armistice display in Sheffield again?

    well what did you do ? SCC not only carried out what has been posted previously but are also responsible for the upkeep of the war memorials all year round not just in November, they also funded the erection of the "there but not there" Tommy silhouettes across the city
  14. the majority of landlords are asian as well you know i myself know a few who have a number and are more than happy to charge £600 for house that in reality they would only get arounf £400pcm for, very few houses rented out are HA or council and the tenants are not Roma as they are not entitled to council/HA housing, the behaviour of the tenants is the landlords responsibilty. the councils/ha take action where anti-social behaviour is perpetrated by their tenants
  15. Narden Dee

    No Armistice display in Sheffield again?

    I don't have to post evidence you can put a FOI in to the council or read his twitter feed where he is pictured wearing a white poppy, that would mean he doesn't agree with the red poppy.

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