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  1. Any people from HK in this forum? he
  2. I am in urgent to print out pieces of documentation, however, I have no printer installed at the moment. Do you know where I can obtain printing service in Sheffield?
  3. I suppose calling the police should be the last resort for me.... haha.... sounds not that serious, right?
  4. Yes, Will have to contact oyyy.co.uk again on Monday. So do you think that I will be either refunded or be delivered a new one by any chance?
  5. O.... that's oyyy.co.uk By the way, the staff said it's being investigated by Parcel Force and will revert to me once she gets an update. I knocked my neighbour's door just now, he sounded very co-operative and said the courier took the monitor back to the lorry. He further expressed it's not a problem to cooperate with police later on...... and He claimed he's not XXX, sign....
  6. Yes.... good curious to death about how he will respond me.... hahhaa
  7. Good idea! Thanks for your suggestion! I will be sure to ask him on Monday, after getting feedback from the online store..... My bad luck to have such a GOOD neighbour!
  8. Yes, the goods was delivered and signed. But is it really a good way to ask for my neighbour again since I do not have anything to prove it at the moment?
  9. The store I bought my monitor from is an online retailer. What I can do is to send them e-mail only, sign.....
  10. Nope..... the online shop said ParcelForce is currently investigating the matter....
  11. Dear all, I am a newbie to Sheffield. Just moved from Durham to Sheffield few days ago. Nice to meet you all Wish to meet more friends in this forum as I am completely unfamiliar with this beautiful city.
  12. Not really.... Coz I chose the express delivery when ordering my monitor and thought that it would come soon..... So didn't care much about that
  13. So I have the perfect right to ask for an immediate delivery of the goods?
  14. I have notified the online shop and wait for its reply tomorrow morning..... Thanks for your advices.... You all have been sooo great
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