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  1. Anyone know a really good reliable company to come and treat woodworm in the home please.
  2. sounds great Ruth - just looked at your webpage - I'll email you in the next few days with all the details - thanks
  3. Great Kate, I'll pop over and talk to them
  4. Cheers Bobby - not needing a venue though, we have a community hall, just need outside caterers.
  5. Thanks Isiris - found the webpage just now
  6. Wanting to organise lunch for a non-profit making event in North Sheffield in December and wondering which catering companies/cafes etc might be good to use? Wanting fair price, not too expensive, but good wholesome freshly cooked food. Also reliable as time will be tight for the lunch. Thanks
  7. Any Sheffield based places to avoid postage costs?
  8. Wanting to get some cheap yellow bunting (preferably plastic) to decorate our garden for the Tour De Yorkshire. See Worral have some out in their village. Any idea where I can buy it locally - it's very expensive on the internet. Thanks
  9. OH this is a fabulous poster!!! Thanks so much. Look forward to what you find tomorrow
  10. Oh wow, thanks - any more info about when it was demolished or is the building still there?
  11. I've just got some lovely old Sheffield knives and the box said made by Gregory Bros at Balmoral Works, Sheffield, England. Picture of quite sizeable works. Anyone got any idea where these works might have been? I've googled and can't find any reference at all. Many thanks
  12. are you looking at 'with permission' or 'without permission' access?
  13. I like the date scones at Tamper Coffee on Westfield Terrace. Also the little cafe behind Marks and Spencer on Chapel Walk does nice scones.
  14. Wondering if anyone knows if there'll be food cooked and on sale at the Chinese New Year celebrations at the City Hall tomorrow night? Got my ticket to go but wondering whether to eat first? Thanks ---------- Post added 03-02-2014 at 20:20 ---------- anyone go last year who might know?
  15. Only just spotted this! I worked at Cybor from 1973 until it closed and moved to Hoyle Street. I was also at the reunion a few years ago - quite a lot turned up - was great. Ditto the happy memories working there . . .
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