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  1. Did anyone else hear that M&S on Ecclesall Road is "under review" - failure to meet sales targets cannot justify the floor-space in a prime location ? I see that they have had to abandon the Simply Food concept and the space is being filled with more and more tat, clothes etc. The range of ingredients for making your own food has been greatly reduced
  2. Did anyone hear what happened on the Foxhouse road this morning around 11.30? the road was closed between Clarion corner and Stoney Ridge I could see a tractor with hay bales and a bus parked. There was several ambulances and plenty of police activity. I hope no one was badly hurt
  3. oxalic acid is good for cleaning oak - particularly for getting out black staining and water marks
  4. some would pay thousands to have a unique water feature like that
  5. BMW in a puddle stuck on inbound side between the old hospital and the junction with Tofts lane (near the Farm shop)
  6. I would agree with all those who have said to seek qualified help, doctor or specialist such as Chiropractor. But just a thought - do you keep your wallet in your back pocket and sit on it? Not many are lucky enough to have too much cash but if you are anything like me there are more and more plastic cards in it. It does not take much to either restict your circulation or to upset your spinal symetry and give sciatic pain
  7. I would recommend the farm shop at Coppice House Farm in the Rivelin valley. Top rate, home reared meat, good selection (and much more other produce too) You can see the animals in the field - judge for yourself if they are cruelly treated. They are open every day - Mike Kilner is a real expert and a nice guy 0114 2308155 And before anyone asks - I am not connected in any way other than being a satisfied customer
  8. It would be commom courtesey to knock on the door and ask, just because something is in a skip does not automaticaly mean that its rubbish - many businesses have a scrap skip that they get paid for the contents
  9. Bernard Little has motivated me as a usual "not bothered" to vote - Only the Greens have put any printed info through my door. I care about the future of the planet, but with such a banal list of achievements and ambitions they surely are just a waste of paper and ink?
  10. I think the existing Castle market stall holders should be given a decent rent free period to help with the inevitable cost of moving their business (perhaps proportional to the length of their existing tenancy?) Also my heart sinks to read "The council is also to spend £2.6m to complete an upgrade of the public areas of the Upper Moor." - would that be the third set of new paving, grotty plastic arch signs and fake brick trams since The Moor was pedestrianised? - you can't polish a turd
  11. Another vote for Snuff Mill - and Do not even think of taking your car for MOT to the bottom end of Ecclesall Rd "UK's No 1 MOT Tester"
  12. probably a bit too far away for you - but when I lived in Dublin there was a guy by the name of Lino Ritchie:)
  13. I would suggest you consider laminated glass - a bit more expensive but much stronger and will not shatter. Glass merchants can cut it to size (unlike toughened which is heat treated after cutting) allow 2mm less than the size of the frame there are quite a few suppliers - look in Yellow pages I have always found Sheffield Glass to be excellent they have moved to Broadfield Road near Heeley Baths
  14. Is that just off the coast of Sheffield?
  15. Lead and the main sulphide ores of lead that were mined in the Peak District are relatively insoluble and therefore are not easily absorbed by the body. I believe that one consequence of lead in pipes and drinking water is that it reduces the iodine content. In the past this caused Derbyshire neck or goitre- a growth in the thyroid gland. This is now rare as iodine is added to salt. The lead hazard cannot be too great as drinking water is abstracted from several lead mines in Derbyshire and elsewhere. I would suggest that if ayone has a burst pipe or is making alterations to lead plumbing it should be replaced completely as heating and soldering can cause oxidation and potentialy poisonous compounds
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