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  1. I have logged on and checked the help documentation, this only goes up to Outlook 2010. Outlook web access maybe all you can use for now, until such time the NHSmail team provide guidance.
  2. Another day, another broken down bus on the 95 route... I am wondering if we have the worst bus route in Sheffield?
  3. MoZaLan you are not the only one I am currently getting a third of the speed I normally get. Their support line are being quite obstructive and dismissive of the issue. I understand some people have a good experience with them but that isn't that case for me. I wish that the BT Cabinet at the top of the street was enabled
  4. It appears that since the news about DR being closed their service has got worse for some folks. I also have had poor speeds but they refused to swap out the router which I still believe is where the issue lies in my case. Glad its not just me that they don't call back, if you know what I mean
  5. thanks MoZaLaN - glad it is affecting others, if you know what I mean nutty34,walkerX - thanks for the advice re: BT Origin_Pete - will do, I was going to mention it when they returned my call today, but as of yet still not heard from your company?!
  6. ok cool will do I do have their Router plugged into the Cellpipe, unfortunately the other router I have doesn't support PPoE. As this affects both wired and wireless, I believe their supplied router is at fault. Just need them to ship a new one!
  7. Thanks for your replies I have been there, but it didn’t look like it was taking new registrations, I will try again The line was put in when I took out the contract about about 16 months ago, whilst it could be the issue I am still doubtful. The agent mentioned that the fault was with all 6 of the devices in my house! Which I have proved on other networks as working fine, as well as bringing my work laptop home to try. The agent also seemed like it was too much trouble to take down any details. In theory I can swap at any time Yes I did wonder that myself, but thankfully my work laptop ( Windows 7 ) exhibited the same slowness.
  8. Thanks for this, I will try Sky. Virgin Media don't come this far out, guess I am the wrong side of the city for them
  9. Greetings I was wondering if fellow SF readers could help Over the last month, I have been suffering very poor speeds via my current ISP Origin-Broadband. They have been worse than dial-up those who can remember that Their Support line has been incredibly poor in dealing with my issue, so much so that I am looking at migrating away from their services. The issues I believe are with the supplied equipment which they have refused to swap out. The only ISP that can provide the same connection speeds as DR is BT. With that in mind has anyone migrated from DR to BT and if so how was the transition? thanks
  10. I have upgraded from Mountain Lion to Mavericks and all went okay. iPhoto needed an update but after that all has so far been good. Got about 20% more battery life under it. seems slick and works okay.
  11. hi there has anyone who is using Digital Region picked an ISP that isn't RipWire? and if so how is it going? my local cabinet is now live but it appears that my only option is RipWire any help would be appreciated
  12. I have a 3G and no immediate plans to upgrade ( unless the white one is actually released ). But back to your original question, when I looked I didn't think I'd be saving much by getting the PAYG one
  13. they are expensive but you can always find a purpose for shiny stuff :-)
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