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  1. Looking to play table tennis for myself 62yrs my son 34yrs and my grandson 10yrs we all play at home but would like to join a club we live in the S12 area you can contact me on 07552907242 cheers Rod
  2. Hi give matt a call he does lots of jobs for a large bike company he's on 07540284409
  3. Hi Rich if you could get a partner could organize some doubles matches
  4. Yep source is very good paul is the owner tell him matt from mc smart repairs sent you
  5. hi there is a welder on Woodbourne road .its unit 10 enterprise park behind progressive footwear hes really good at welding stainless tel 2435476 tell him matt gave you number ive got the body shop opposite his unit
  6. Got the quad sorted now thanks for viewing all is well
  7. I know its a bit of a shot in the dark but lost my phone in town saturday night its not really the phone but the information on it (photos of my new born son,numbers etc)if anyone has any info i would be willing to give reward please call 07552907242 the lost phone is an i phone6 thanks
  8. Dave dee gave out the leaving reports in 71 or 70 my mate alf starosta got him to do the honours i think he was on at the fiesta club at the time
  9. I was there from 66 to 70 but hardly attended (silly lad)turton was my form teacher hard but fair i would be absent all week but attend on friday if school footie team were playing on sat morning when turton called my name for register and i replied here sir he would say oh we must have got a game in the morning lad ,so funny great memories even the i didnt like school at the time
  10. Dont know if anyone can shed any light on this but i saw a brill band at intake sports club in 90s they were called hitchcock railway and the kid i was told the lead singer was bobby balls son can enyone confirm this
  11. Hi give matt a call he will sort you out 07540284409
  12. hi looking for a couple of tennis players to play some doubles im 58 yrs and my son is 32 we play at a fair standard so if your interested give me a call on 07552907242 cheers
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