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  1. Could Jonny White be TONY WHITE.... he had a white dog called Snowy along with a white Budgie also. He lodged on Ebury Street and he worked at Blaskey’s opposite Banners.
  2. Dennis circuit I think became a physiotherapist... Billy Coe I think opened an industrial cleaning business...:::.dies anyone know anything more of these people?
  3. Every St is there on google just type in Attercliffe photos an it there with other Attercliffe pictures Ebury
  4. Many thanks Hillbro... just what I was looking for. happy new year to you Thank you mickyboy
  5. Its so easy. Just Google Attercliffe pictures and they are there. Don't forget to click 'images' on the web page
  6. Anyone live in Ebury St. in Attercliffe? ---------- Post added 30-05-2018 at 11:51 ---------- just google Attercliffe pictures and then click images
  7. The road was built hundreds of years ago before they knew about the sub soil problems. It is built on soft ground but they knew nothing of geology at that time.
  8. We called it Carbrook Rec If memory serves. They had a babysitting service also.
  9. Does anyone remember ' Bertha Adams' corner shop in Ebury St. in attercliffe ? She had 2 children Linda & John
  10. As boy I remember Hopalong Cassidy visiting Sheffield On horseback complete with His guns. They came in by train and got off in a sidings At the bottom of Granville road. Can anyone remember the year?
  11. There was a Geoffrey Palfreman who was on the board of directors at Thos W Ward In the 70s. He lived opposite the fire station in Dronfield. He later retired to the coast. Hope this helps.
  12. Attercliffe bath building still there but I believe it's now offices
  13. Charlie Chaplin, Abbot & Costello were just two famous acts that appeared at the Palace Attercliffe. Abbot & Costello while travelling to Chesterfield from Sheffield stopped for beers At the Wagon & Horses in Dronfield bottom. (Where Sheffield Club play)
  14. Anybody remember playing sports at Little Wembley ? We used to walk down Tinsley Park Rd and up over what is now Shepcote Lane. No medical or first aid..... no phones...... 45 gallon drum filled with rainwater to wash after football. The 'Snowflake' generation have no idea what it was like then. Mind you we all enjoyed it!!
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