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  1. Hi try this . BBC reporter got some of the story mixed up:loopy:(like they do )But you might find it interesting.
  2. Sent the feelers out today:cool: Apparently someone Foxhill area made some contraption with binbags a wick some ful etc. Must say the effects looked good even though a bit on the dodgy side. Mystery solved.
  3. Not heard of any sensible explanation as yet. Only the chinese lantern theory but they were travelling far to fast, seeing as there was very little breeze at the time. Had my binocs on them they were spherical. Definitely not aircraft lights ,they were not bright enough,not lights from Owlerton.
  4. It couldnt have been a hot air balloon.Warnock deflated a while ago.
  5. No they were deffinatly travelling ,first thought they might have been microlites but no sound ,Someone must know one dropped pretty rapidly.
  6. Not the Moon:rolleyes: Not the copter.Two lights traveling together pretty fast ,too fast to be balloons.passed over Foxhill towards Hillsbro .One dropped to the ground .The other carried on towards town?. Puzzelment...
  7. Yes I saw these lights .they were travelling North to south.One seemed to drop to the ground somwhere over hillsbro.Anyone else see them?
  8. I remember the cricket pitch and wooden pavilion where the park is now.Also at the back of the pavilion there used to be some tennis courts.This was in the 50s and early 60s.The pavilion burned down in the mid 60s I think. Spent a lot of time playing football and cricket there at the time. Also remember feeding the horse in the field at the corner of Midhurst road and buying pop and 'spice' from the beer off opposite. Then on to the back edge to slide down the hill. Great times.
  9. My mother (Maggie) was 'big' sister to Doug, George, Dennis, Fred, Terry, Evelyn, Mary, Eileen, Elaine. Yes, they had big families back then, but only five of them are left now - George, Dennis, Fred, Terry and Eileen. I can't help with Fred's whereabouts as I have had little contact with the family since my mother died. I remember the harmonica being played by most of my uncles. I also remember the house on Broomhall Street, a car park now takes up the space where it used to be.
  10. Don't forget the Ovaltinies. Remember Luxembourg how it always faded as your favourite record was on. Ahh them were the days ,sat round the fire toastin bread ,no telly,just the owd wireless ,Great memories.
  11. Sliding down the backedge (just above Batchelors foods) on some cardboard obtained from their factory. Then having a picnic of a jam sarni or bread n drippin wrapped up in a page from the "final" washed down with water from a tizer bottle. Who said it was boring. Patches in me trouser arse..hole in me jumper, an they were mi Sunday best. Looking back what a fantastic time we had. What a smashing thread ,keep em coming.. Nearly forgot Chrismas prezzy .A pair of short trouses with a hole in the pocket ,so I could have summat to wear and summat to play wi .
  12. Well what I saw of one of the wrecks (front shoved into drivers seat ,one of them must have been travelling some.
  13. Two more write offs This morning Halifax rd. Dunno if anyone hurt. We need more speed cameras to stop this madness:( Oh dear what have I said:help:
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