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  1. Lost white dog found, with blsck patch near base of tail. Took it to be scanned at vets for pets and has microchip but they couldn't get hold of database company to access details. Advised I take it to kennels on Spring Street. Call me on 077485 46367 if you know whose it is, but taking to kennels shortly
  2. Hi Lovely brown staffy dog has been found wandering in Sheff Wed superstores car park, Hillsborough S6, just off Penistone Road. No collar. Seemed friendly. Staff there have contacted the dog warden who has now collected it. They will try and locate the owner, fingers crossed it has a chip
  3. I've got two properties that need gutters cleaning front and back - 1 is a semi the other is a terraced. Not sure of the standard rates - PM if interested plz.
  4. Well I won't throw it away unless I have to as it would be a shame not to fix it. It would still be a nice TV. Too many people do give up too easily and discard them just to get a new one. I rang a repair shop down Queens Road who suggested it's fixable, just 20 quid up front first to diagnose the problem, but that comes off overall price to fix. So I'll probably end up taking it there or another similar repair shop. Thanks for all your help, views and advice guys
  5. yes thank you, I don't have any knowledge or experience, so may either get it repaired by someone if it is not too expensive or simply buy a new one (but NOT bush).
  6. How do you do a total reset? Is that easy enough to do for the simple minded?
  7. Yes, have tried turning it on/off by the remote and also the switch on the side of the tv loads of times, also unplugged it and left it a while and then tried again. Just keeps flashing at me - the cheeky bugger
  8. Well I for one will not be poking around with it when I don't know what I'm doing! But interesting views, thanks. Upshot is, avoid Bush in the future. Got it
  9. Okay thanks guys. Much appreciated.
  10. Thanks, yes maybe you're right. I'll have to scout out the best deals right now.
  11. Hi all, Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Just wondered if anyone knew whether it was worth repairing a large 40" TV (which just seems now to suddenly not want to turn on that's all). The light flashes but nobody is home! Just getting the feelers out on whether it might be worth trying to repair it(might just simply be the switch or something) or simply investing in a new one. It is admittedly about 4 years old now. Do people still come out to repair these days or do you have to take them to a repair shop? cheers
  12. Not unsurprisingly, I've just come across this problem with the RSPCA. My mum's friend has a cat that is clearly a stray living outside her back door and is heavily pregnant. The RSPCA did not seem in the slightest bothered as it was not injured. She has been feeding it, although it's extremely timid, but it's about to have kittens and I worry about their survival living outdoors. I think the cats protection told her they would come and get the kittens but not the mother - sad really when animals are in need they don't always get the help they deserve
  13. Cornwall is VERY dog friendly. I go there a lot. You will find a lot of the beaches allow dogs, I love Hayle and Gwithian myself but that's a lot further down from Padstow, and next to St Ives, but it has miles of sand dunes and flat soft sandy beaches that are dog friendly you can walk along the beach looking out at Godrevy lighthouse. There's loads of dog friendly pubs as well. Good luck, have a nice time
  14. Yes, I think it looked a lot worse than it was fortunately. My sister was one of the first out, and she said he was starting to move but she told him to lie still as he was complaining of neck pain. I guess you don't know what injuries lie underneath, so I hope he didn't suffer anything more that was too serious. I do think the car was travelling a fair speed that the lads were driving, their windscreen was smashed and the bonnet crumpled, but hard to say who had the green light or who tried to beat it. The bike looked a right off too! Luckily a guy jumped out of a car and said he was a doctor, so he stayed with the biker. Fingers crossed for him.
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