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  1. Must admit I feel intimidated when I go there nowadays. I wouldn't like to walk through it on my own at night
  2. Not the one I got then who refused to give me my full change, keeping a pound back for himself. Complaint has received no response from city so far
  3. I have asked for help on several occasions from voicability and they have not offered to help me with my complaints, only signpost me on where to send complaint.that is when they finally got round to answering my call in their own time. Very disappointed in them
  4. I lived near this club and the smaller one, on st Josephs rd I think, as a 30+ woman I attempted to join as I had moved to Sheffield. I did find it intimidating and uninviting to say the least. In fact they just kept blanking my application and blanking me even though I am an upstanding, hardworking professional woman. So to my way of thinking these places have dug their own graves by being outdated and selective to the extent they have lost the younger generation through their stuffyness.
  5. These parents take the Micky. If they know they are going to need to use public transport they should invest in a lightweight buggy like people used to use when only folded up buggies were allowed on . Now parents bring on tanks that take the room of three people and expect everyone to move for them
  6. Out of interest, what is you're understanding of paedophilia and how it works please Halibut?
  7. I remember applying for a youth worker position in Rotherham about 8 years ago aimed at trying to protect young girls being groomed, it was well known what was happening even then but authorities were not interested in listening.
  8. I phoned for an ambulance but they would not come as computer said no, the out of hours gp took 7 hours to arrive to find me in an immediate life threatening condition and finally I got an ambulance.At hospital I was left untreated for 8 hours then I finally got a ct scan and was finally operated on 11 hours after arrival whereas I had deteriorated to such an extent that I was not expected to live. From there I went to intensive care. All this could have been avoided from the beginning if they would have sent an ambulance or the gp came within a reasonable time or I wasn't left untreated for 11 hours. The list of incompetence is endless. Still, they apparently followed procedure so that's OK.
  9. Trees in Hands worth being chopped down , it such a crime. Got a letter from Clive Bette a while back about him organising a meeting but nothing since and trees continue to be chopped.Perhaps we will have a meeting after they have all been chopped down. Sounds about right.
  10. Builder/handyman . I have to strongly recommend dinkydoo22 . I don't usually recommend people but this tradesman was so efficient, helpful and charged a well fair price for his work ( and cleaned up afterwards) I asked him to do a few odd jobs and now I have found him I will go to him for bigger jobs in the future.
  11. remember these but a little older than me. A small post office on chippingham street I think. Mrs Mallaband was my mum. Margaret and Eric were my aunt and uncle.
  12. I'm looking for someone who is available for home visits who could help me upgrade my computer as it is in need of a video card upgrade and additional RAM.
  13. hi, Ive just had a new fence put up and now Im moving. is it worth having the fence taken down and put up at the new house {just taking the panels, not the posts obviously} Im onlyy asking cause Im really scratching for cash. Also is there anyone out there who might do this for me and could they give me a quote (itas to take 6 5 ft panels down and re erect them ta
  14. help I need an indoor door but all the ones have seen in the shops are a standard size (73)height and mine measures around 68 so they wont cut down short enouh apparantly. so does any one know where I can et a door to fit, I am now gettin desperate and fed up
  15. I need titanium iimplants and am looking for a private dentist to do this treatment . Has anyone had it done and can recommend a dentist> also how much can I expect to pay, is it around the same price with all dentists? any info much appreciated!
  16. dont ever use Steel City Travel, based in handsworth. The owner arranged to pick us up after our holiday (they had taken us to the airport) and never turned up.As a single parent me and my daughter and sister were left to sit overnight in the airport as we had no money left over from the holiday to afford a taxi, until I could arrange for some money to be put into my bank account . To leave two women and a young girl stranded overnight with no money is an utter discrace and ruined what had been until then a loverly holiday that as a single parent I had saved up a long time for. So be warned!
  17. I am in the process of complaining to the local authority and I URGE OTHER PEOPLE WITH SIMILAR EXPERIENCES TO DO THE SAME otherwise pets at home will continue to allow these poor animals to suffer needlessly. The address is environmental services Gayton Road Osgathorpe S4 7BD It is likely the animals get sick due to their treatment ( wet tAIL AND GUT INFECTIONS ARE BOTH LIKELY TO BE CAUSED BY THE ANIMALS BEING GIVEN ROTTEN FOOD)by the suppliers before they reach pets at home, and the quick turnover means the shop has them off their hands generally before the illness becomes apparant. They do however know that this is happening ( as with my experience) but are happy to do nothing about it. I am just hoping that envuironmental services look beyond the general shop conditions, but rather towards the continual health of the animals and the quality of their supplier. I would urge people not to shop there as it encourages cruelty to animals for profit.
  18. i bought a hamster from pets at home crystal peaks last year and it died within 2 days from wet tail. They replaced it with another which duly died within 2 days from wet tail. I waited a few weeks before getting a replacement which died within two days fron wet tail. I voiced my concerns but was told that there had been a batch with wet tail that had now been sent back to the supplier and the new batch was perfectly healthy. Just to be sure I waited another couple of months before replacing it and guess what.. The next one died within two days from wet tail. Store staff could only say that it must start with the supplier and they would be having words. This was almost a year ago. Last friday afternoon we went in to buy a rabbit cage when my daughter fell in love with a hamster she had seen so against my better judgement I bought it. I HAD TO HAVE IT PUT TO SLEEP AS I FOUND THE FOLLOWING DAY IT HAD A GUT INFECTION WHICH CAUSED ITS RECTUM TO RUPTURE. iT WAS NO FUN FOR MY DAUGHTER TO FIND HER BELOVED PET IN PAIN IN A POOL OF BLOOD.
  19. I agree never buy any pet and particularly fish from pets at home, they can often be dead before you get them home and will never live more than a few week.
  20. Do all fathers without care really put their childs best interests before their own? Stats show that 4 0ut of 5 men do not pay the full amount of maintenence towards their childrens upkeep which suggests that they do not equate financial responsibility with good fathering. I also feel that it is is not the right of the father (or mother) to have access to a child if it is going to be harmful to the child, and this is often the reason why some fathers are denied, or given restricted access by the courts.Unfortunately, in an attempt to get more fathers in a relationship with their children , court welfare officers are sometimes ordering access where there is potential for harm. This is evidenced by the number of children harmed or killed by their fathers during access. Welfare officers are in a difficult position but should not be swayed to put children in jeapardy because of the antics of ffj There will be mothers who try and deny the father access through vindictiveness etc (just as fathers ask for access and then do not turn up for the same reason) and this can never be condoned. But mothers who raise concerns about access are often seen as being obstructive by the courts rather than having their concerns addressed. In these circumstances, such mothers find they have no other alternative way of protecting their children other than denying access regardless of any court order. We have all read in the papers about fathers who take their children during ordered access, drive off somewhere and kill the children and themselves.It happens, we know it does .It is the childern that need justice, we need to put their welfare first. Dressing up as batman does not address the serious and complex issues surrounding access and the best interests of the child.
  21. I did uni whilst bringing up a baby on my own. Childcare really is the most pressing issue. I had no family to help and nearly ended up giving up.My child was very unhappy with being seperated with me for so long and this wasnt helped by not having consistent childcare so PLEASE make sure you have that in order. I also would suggest that you study part time (cheaper in the longrun) and you will get to spend more precious time with your baby. I truly regret not having spent enough time with mine , I could cry now just thinking about it. The time I did have at home was spent on study at her expense. Im not trying to put you off, just to think carefully.
  22. what are the council houses like on richmond park avenue. My friend is after a two bed house.
  23. I have just moved and want to put a cast iron fireplace downstairs and up. Ive just scraped the paper away upstairs and found the fireplace concreted up. Should I leave it, have a go at knocking it through, get a builder in or what? any advice?
  24. Thanks for all the replys, they,ve been real helpful. Im a woman on my own who has no idea about this kind of stuff and I thought I was asking a ridiculous question and that everyone reading my question would think I was lacking in common sense! Thanks again.
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