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  1. Hi does anybody know if tight lines tackle shop opens Sunday morn been trying to ring but number won't connect thanks
  2. Thanks for that think I'll take a trip down then
  3. Hi all been a good few year since I was last on Tinsley wire basin would like to know if it still permit only if so how much is it and where do I get one from thanks
  4. hi all im looking for someone who has a 1967 chevy impala long shot i know but nowt like trying it would be for a wedding next july i would like to hire the car for about 2 hours max if anybody can help would be great thanks for looking
  5. Hi all I'm after a pet taxi service as I will be booking my gsd bitch in to be done I'm at gleadless and will be using Springfield vets at crystal peaks any numbers for a pet taxi would be very helpfull thanks everybody for taking time to read and helping if you can
  6. Just asking what other people think to it like you would with anything else it's a forum it's a place for chatting about things
  7. Just got back from the vets and he said burns would be a good choice of food for him so I won't be ruining my dog like people say on here always take advice from the vets so I have and will be feeding him burns
  8. Hi all what do you reckon to feeding burns just brought a new family member home a white gsd puppy boy I would like to know what other people think of burns dog food my mum has always used it on her gsd's and had no problems thanks
  9. I'm also looking for a fence to be put up and would like a quote ASAP
  10. ive just tried to take the dog out no chance she cant even stand up bless her shell have to stop on garden this morning
  11. Yes I know that's its for the safety of children but most say they need to be with older children I have a six month old child so what are my chances
  12. I've always wanted to help a dog out but I have kids and most places won't let you rehome a dog if you have young children
  13. That's fine I hope you can help me when you not busy thanks
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