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  1. Does anyone know a skin from the early eighties called Robbo? He had SKINS tattooed on his forehead. I bet he regrets that now! Does anyone know what hes up to nowadays?
  2. Did anyone work for Smiths drycleaners (that was) in the Sheffield area during the early eighties. I worked at various branches including Fargate, Fitzalan Square, Darnell and West St. from the age of 16, started on Thatchers YTS scheme. I worked with some great people and only left due to moving away from the area. Does anyone remember me? (had a skinhead haircut)
  3. My boyfriend at the time, was good mates with the Mau Mau's, so whenever they played in Sheffield we always went backstage after the gig to have a drink, got a few pics of them on stage as well. Still got one of their vinyl albums which I listen to every now and then - "Running with the pack".
  4. Another thing that I can remember about Phillimore Road school was that it only seemed to have one long corridor through the whole school, with classrooms going off. Or at least it seemed that way. I visited the school again a few years ago (it was a few years!) and the same old white railings (which I used to swing on) were still outside the main gates. Anyone know if the school is still there (or the railings for that matter)?
  5. I was born in Sheffield but moved away in 1986 to live in Leicestershire, with my then soon to be husband. I got really homesick the first year and nearly moved back but resisted. People used to think I was from Lancashire which really annoyed me! I had lived in Darnell, Parsons Cross and Southey Green. The main reason for moving was the job situation in Sheffield in the 80's. We used to say that we would never move back, but could'nt ever rule this out now as we're getting older. Maybe you never know, no immediate plans. The trouble is we have two teenagers who were born here and understandibly call Leicestershire their home. We still visit Sheffield regularly because we still have family there.
  6. This is a hard one, cos there are loads of great films that I've seen. However, top 3 favourites: 1. Shawshank Redemption - which believe it or not I only saw a couple of years ago for the first time 2. Billy Elliot 3. Planes, trains, and automobiles
  7. Both my teenagers are into Heavy metal and Black metal. The problem is so is my husband, and it drives me insane!
  8. I once had a R.E teacher called Mr.Small. Not very funny you may think, but he was about 20 stone and far from small! Sorry couldn't think of anything else.
  9. Did anyone attend Phillimore Road School in the early to mid 70's? Can you remember having to stand up whenever the headmaster came into the classroom? And those horrible rubber swimming hats you had to wear for swimming lessons at Upperthorpe baths (I think that was girls only)? If you didn't have one you couldn't go!
  10. One of my earliest memories (and scariest) was when my mum took me to Banners at Attercliffe, I think I was about 5 years old. One minute I was holding her hand the next, her hand had dissapeared and I couldn't see her. I remember feeling really scared and I started crying. All I could see was giant people around me. Next minute I knew she was there again. Very bizarre!
  11. I attended Southey Green School from 1977-79 then moved to Chaucer School. I was in the girls netball team at Southey Green School usually playing GA or GS. Anyone else in the same team at the same time? I think we were quite a good team from what I can remember. Unfortunately did'nt carry on with netball when I moved to Chaucer.
  12. I'm an ex skinhead who moved away from Sheffield in the mid 80's. Just started to listen to punk and Oi! music again after a long break. I remember frequenting the Barrow Boys and The Marples regularly. The Barrow Boys was a real spit and sawdust pub. Good job really! The Marples was great for gigs upstairs. I remember going to see a few punk bands there usually with The Mau Maus as support. Anyone know if the Mau Maus are still around?
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