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  1. Quite a natural response from a human nature when they get used to something they enjoyed and now it is being taken away for the worse, it is for them to have a moan, rant, complain or disagree. The phrase 'beggars can't be choosers' is quite aptly apply on this topic. My comment do not apply to the old or disabled as they are under different circumstances.
  2. Went in on Friday night. A fair bit smaller than the Asda in Handsworth.
  3. Yes seen a fair few with no lights on at all. And then there are those with daytime running lights on which is fine for the front but there are no rear lights.
  4. Tesco @ Dinnington Sainsbury's @ Crystal Peaks Asda @ Handsworth Asda @ Mosborough Morrisons @ Catcliffe Morrisons @ Halfway Aldi @ Killamarsh Aldi @ Dinnington Aldi @ Handsworth The closest probably Sainsbury's at Crystal Peaks or the new Asda at Mosborough. All the places listed above is roughly between 3 - 5 miles away.
  5. It will be good, it won't get dark until 7 tonight. The mornings might not be as bright though heading to work tomorrow.
  6. Duty of care should be looking after yourself first. Too much police time are wasted dealing with drunks in city centre.
  7. I'm not surprised seeing how many people use the trains without buying tickets. See 3 or 4 teenagers hide in the train toilets during the journey or some people totally ignore the conductor when he/she coming down checking tickets as they pretended to have got on at an earlier station.
  8. If you can read signs then why bother with a satnav. It's like saying I can read a map I don't need satnav. I'm not gonna waste my time with you.
  9. Haha you are like comparing a camera on a phone over a DSLR. They both take photos and that is all you need. Lane assist?
  10. I have a smartphone and a satnav. The navfree app is not in the same league as what an actual satnav can do. I have the TomTom Via range btw and even the TomTom own phone app is not quite the same.
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