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  1. Buy carphone warehouse own brand they are same price as Apple ones and are a lot better and stronger
  2. Wanting to hire a bouncy castle/ slide for Saturday 13th July wanting it dropping of in the morning and keeping over night anyone know any?
  3. It's not up to you if you have a ambulance anymore nhs direct use a system which rules you out Anything life threatening and decides on the best option for you we can not over ride this system it's a way of saving money
  4. Stop moaning and get on with it, it was a mistake they made if you was that borthered about it you would have took it back straigh away Prop another student claiming dole money after they left uni because they can't get a job!
  5. You really think im going to walk from Jordanthorpe to low edges shop for some onions
  6. instead of ranting about it on here i would have not bought them there is other shops around batemoor like lowedges im sure they would have sold them ?
  7. Golf all way iv just bought a Fiesta Zetec S and wish i bought a golf na
  8. would have been to do with mosborugh ten make sure everything or8
  9. Be carefull coppers have got camera out at arena pulling people
  10. i lost my iphone and blocked it and found it again does anyone know where i can get it unblocked or how to unblocked it ?
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