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  1. Being a Binman I can tell you that it was a loader that was unfortunate enough to get his hi viz coat caught on the lift and thrown in the back of the wagon where he was chewed up by the refuse packer.. not a pretty sight....
  2. Does that mean that you are not going to spank me anymore with the wooden ruler ?
  3. And what about them trans-gender trolls too ?
  4. Shut the M1 at junction 30 for 8 hours in a show of strength..
  5. If I was prime minister you lot would be earning me loads of money and paying for my many foreign trips abroad to places like Bradford and possibly as far as Halifax. Not to mention the high class hookers too. cough cough..
  6. I wouldnt have invented the wheel just to throw a spanner in the works... Ohhhh the ramifications....
  7. Whatever happened to real Black Jacks ??
  8. I beg to differ !! They smoke imported baccy that is cheaper than the corporate equivalent but contains more iso cyanates than yer usual taxable poison. therefore benefit fiddling git bags that are poisoning our atmosphere too with low grade nicotine products... Line them up against a wall and shoot em I say ... Extract taken from the Daily Mail........
  9. Not as much as the tax dodging dole claiming benefit gits though ...
  10. Now that is out of order.... How can you discriminate against a mini.... ?? finest learner car going....
  11. you saying that aussies tend to be less starchier than us then ??
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