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  1. hey up ppl i left in 2000,my tutor was mr walton. does any1 remember me by the way its cheryl stead
  2. you'll find the strentgh to get through it some how. hope you brother rests in peace and im sure hes looking down on you not wanting you to get upset.
  3. forgot to say the coffin was white with the disney princesses painted on to it. they had to have a herse just for the flowers. all the cars you saw where just for the burial as the service was held at hackenthorpe christ church where she was christened where there was even more mouners so if you saw the cars you only saw a fraction of the ppl that attended the main service
  4. that was the funeral of kirsten slater you saw i went to that funeral it was the most moving ceromany ever you just cudnt hold bk the tears. she was only eight she was born with very little brain and docters at the hospital said she would only last a few hours but she defied the odds to live to eight years old. she got an infection that she couldnt fight and died in her mums arms with family surrounding her. she was such a popular little girl ppl had to stand in the church bcaus there just wasnt enough room for everyone. r.i.p. little princess (mirical child as she was know to star readers)
  5. i went to birley spa primary the head teacher mr marwson wa pretty cool. my fav teacher was deffo mr heaton he always used to play the guitar in class and assembleys and teach us new songs that he learnt from schools when he went to america for a year. i hated mrs salt she was evil. she sent ppl out the class if they didnt know the answer to a stupid question or sumtin. if theres any one on here from birley spa or birley secondary wud love to hear from you. i left birley in 2000 if that helps
  6. i remember mr green he was a rite numpty. mr sheard i used to av nightmares about him he was so scary it was untrue
  7. i left in 2000 my tutor was mr walton did any one else leave then or was in my tutor group
  8. is there any1 that attended in that period dont have to av left in 2000
  9. i went to birley i left in 2000 and me tutor teacher was mr walton
  10. just wanted to know if there are any1 out there that was in my year at school i left in 2000 and me tutor teacher was mr walton
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