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  1. Lonnie Donnegans mate was my Uncle Rowland. My sister has just moved out of the cottage that used to be Maud Mettams shop. LOL Imagine buying parafin over the counter in a bottle you took to the shop nowadays
  2. Two corner shops that spring to mind in Stannington during the 50's and 60's was RHODES on Nethergate and Maud Mettams on Uppergate. Maud used to sell everything from a little corner shop. I remember in one corner was a big barrel of Parafin which she used to pour into a pop bottle supplied by the customer. Then in another corner was one of those big bacon slicers where she would slice bacon. What would they make of it nowadays. Both shops are now long gone and turned back into houses. My sister now lives in Mauds old shop on Uppergate
  3. thanks for that info much appreciated. as far as i know maureen is not related to me but then again there are a lot of glossops. did you know reg glossop
  4. i used to wag it a fair bit in my early days. i used to go into sheffield town centre. was great until winter when it snowed really heavy and buses got cancelled. i got the hiding of my life when i got home
  5. when i first started at bradfield mr bancrofts wife was also a teacher there they were known as yogi and booboo
  6. kathleen do you know what happened to John Thomas I went to school with him when he lived in stannington
  7. Dr Bryson was our family doctor when they had the surgery at the woodlands on stannington road. from there it moved up near the deer stalker and dr ridgwick joined the practice. it is now located in stannington itself by the park with dr stevens. Bryson was old fashioned and i still remember his roll top desk. his surgery was very much like that portrayed in dr finlays case book
  8. remember the lorries well. my uncle was the driver in stannington i think late 50's ealy 60's and yes they always carried the bins from the back of the house to the wagon and put them back. and they did not leave rubbish blowing around.
  9. i have painful memories of the electric mangle. after watching mum do the washing i decided to put a hankie through the mangle. ouch it ate my fingers
  10. does anyone know what happened to the twigg family who lived in half of the old vicarage at stannington
  11. I have many fond associations of king teds though i was never a patient there. my next door neighbour Clarice Wragg and my gran Ada Glossop were domestics there in the 70,s and my wife started her nurse training there.
  12. this should never have been allowed to happen. the person who carried out the murders had escaped from Selby Magistrates court where he was charged with burglary. had he not escaped then his victims would probably still be alive.
  13. as a young boy we lived in stannington and dad used to take us boys down to a gents retailers across the road from Woolworths. behind the counter everything was in glass drawers. dont remember the name of the shop but might have been parkers
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