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  1. Anyone know anything good going on in sheffield that's good for kids?? Preferably BH monday?
  2. Is closed due to robbery, anyone know if it was overnight or whilst they were open?
  3. Just been told 51 not going up there as police closed road?? What's happened now??
  4. Have tried that, it's all about the summer ones at moment.
  5. Does anyone know if the Sun will be doing 9.50 hols again for late 2012? I know they have just done the £15 summer ones I want one in Sept/Oct??
  6. Our car exhaust blew outta of it Lambass joint (no idea how to spell it!) it also sheard off its nuts (ouch) Kwik fit wanted to charge us £600 to replace the whole exhaust!!! our local garage fixed it, tightened all round, new nuts etc cost us £30!!! Kwik fit are thieving barstoods!! STAY CLEAR!!!!!!!
  7. Anyone know why the cafe at bottom of moor had police tape round it this am? ???
  8. I'm currently working PT (17hrs per week) and I want to train to become a nursery assistant. My little ones will have access to 15 hours free nursery time in April so I will be able to volunteer in a nursery during that time to get my experience and work a part time job in the evening (I HAVE to work) but where do I start? do I find a PT job first? eves and weekends (max 17 hours) or do I get a course and start volunteering?? I'm so confused as to all the different websites offering online courses but do not understand the new qualifications, I do not want to spend time and money doing a course only to find out it is not recognised?? and would I be able to get funding for a course since i'll only be working pt ? HELP!!!!!
  9. http://www.familylearning.org.uk/ great website
  10. Thanks - never seen so much traffic on Eastern Ave! Hope no one was hurt
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