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  1. hi does anyone know if car boot is on at thorpe hesley cc tom..thanks
  2. Thanks for the replies guys, all we intent to do is fasten a 3mm membrane around the whole room, at 250mm centres for the fixings, then with dot and dab, and timber frames and plaster boards thats it, but in the 1996 act it only mentions injecting a damp proof . The renewing of plaster is classed as minor works, which needed knocking off anyway as it had damp in places, but how is this done without making noise and between the hour of 10:00 am and 3:00pm.
  3. Hello, does anyone know the ins and outs of the party wall act 1996, my neighbour mentioned it to me yesterday, so we need to know what we can do or cant without their consent. We want to drill a membrane damp proof to the joining wall as we have a cellar under our front room, what about a chimney breast do we need consent to have the membrane fastened to this as its in our space not theirs. Any advise would be good, i have look on line but some things are not clear enough for our needs, cheers.
  4. The fella at Chap had my other halves hoover for 2 months , he never called back when massages were left. When he did go in the shop he was told he had ordered the part but he couldnt tell him what was wrong with it. So after 8/ 9 weeks he got the hoover back not repaired and not knowing what was wrong with it. The man from chap wanted to charge him £8 but still dont know what for , maybe a pound a week for rent.
  5. nick clegg doesnt stay in sheff much..all the artic monkees went years ago..fair play to them..i live at grenoside and see that scottish bloke of hollyoaks as he lives near me... ---------- Post added 17-01-2014 at 12:37 ---------- oh yeah and i used to live next door to glen gregory from heaven 17 when i was growing up..his mum still lives there and he comes to c her a lot..
  6. anyone know of anyone who repairs hoovers..not the man at chapeltown anywhere else...thanks for help..
  7. HI ,i know it may be a long shot but foes anyone have the passwords for the daily mail holidays ? which started on Saturday i believe. I didnt realised they had started already, i hope i can pick a copy up on my way home from work for todays password. Thanks.
  8. hi just wondered if anyone could tell me where is the best place to get a cake for a 7 year old boy for sat.i hada cake ordered but have been let down..any supermarket recomendations needs to feed 20 kids...help....
  9. i have a 7 year old boy its his birthday on the 28th dec,anyone any idea for a party..maybe something bit different to playcentre...help...
  10. yes just heard from parson cross.my heart goes out to his family its so upsetting.
  11. i heard it was young lad man of 45 from parson cross.think ,he jumped in front of train as it approached the bridge...what an horrible thing to happen...
  12. my brother in law live sin page hall,next to a pakistani couple.they have lived next door to each other for 10 yeras a very good ten years...no one is being racist here..its to do with quality of life..why do people hang around the shops morning noon and night..how do they find time to do this they should be out at work like the rest of us...i feel so sorry for the people whop have lived there all these years,the area is going sown the pan...it will only get worse..when i drive through that area i put my foot down and make sure the windows are closed....my sympathies page hall residents...
  13. if people supported these shops they would be open.. i personally like to see independent shops,but people on a budget low income families will shop where its cheaper..i shop at sainsburys i also shop local,depends where i am that day..shiregreen is pretty bad most people dont work up there do they......
  14. had no path for 3 months dug it up lights didnt work dug them up again..no ones done anything...dug the road up today 2 day job,digger broke in middle of road,no action today...they still working on it outside as we speak....
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