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  1. same here - some roads around crimicar lane have new posts but have been fitted with halogen lamps (light orange) instead of LEDs. Personally im a fan of the white light of the LEDs so hopefully these will be swapped over when they are available. just looks strange as the main road has the super bright white LEDs.
  2. 90% of searches are now electronic and instant. Your solicitor needs a push to get going, you need to start calling, emailing, texting, writing letters setting out your timescales, then do that all again the next day and everyday until they start communicating. There will be many others doing the same so if you just expect them to contact you without prompting then you may be waiting a while.
  3. i would wait until your sellers have atleast had an offer accepted somewhere else. Took us 5 months to find the right place, we ended up moving into rented as our buyers were in a hurry. Tell your sellers you need to proceed by x date, that will hopefully get them going to viewings atleast. In the meantime look at other houses coming up over christmas/new year, they are often a few % cheaper than at other times.
  4. ah shame I was hoping to see it open for an xmas black libertine tipple.
  5. i guess they are realistic as long as people are there to buy them at these prices. Unrealistic house prices mean houses sitting on the market with no buyers, in S10/S11 houses are expensive and sell quickly, the market dictates price at the end of the day.
  6. The Fox house is a 'vintage inn', you'll get half decent pub fare and a few ales, inoffensive and clean would be the best description. I've been a few times, its certainly not bad, but is a chain pub.
  7. agree that the tap provides a great selection, the bottle menu is very good. I've got nothing against a brewpub keeping its own beers on tap or cask, I think the point I'm trying to make is that the tap doesn't need to be a brew pub! The best brewpubs I've been to are ramshackle, backroom affairs, usually 'only' serving their own beer and a price that reflects the homemade feel of such places. It just feels like the Tap is doing this for financial reasons over getting the best possible selection, and I mean the management here, not the very hard working brewers!
  8. I think people who visit the tap expect beer to be priced to reflect the location, the distance the beer has travelled and its ABV, but with this also comes an expectation of good service and a good selection that changes regularly. I feel these aspects of the tap have declined recently, where they were once good, even excellent.
  9. have recently visited again. Still love the building, and the new space opened up means you can get a nice seat most of the time. The decision to do the onsite brewery is another thing. The tap made its name as a place for craft ale, most of the best stuff bottled and rare. Staff were knowledgeable and be willing to chat about the beer and make recommendations. Now I see them trying to compete with thornbridge for cask, which would be good if they weren't all just as expensive and no better than a good lord marples or jaipur! This baffles me as their transport cost are nil. My recent visits have seen a decline in the choice on cask, and staff who have to refer to the menu every time a bottle is ordered, with less interest in what they are selling. I've had to return chipped glasses on a couple of occasions (no apologies) and when I ask about a beer or bottle they have often capped it before telling me the price or anything else about it! I know this isn't always the case. I do like the place and what it has done for the station but I think they need to get back to what they do best, humouring beer bores like me and understanding that a lot of people don't expect a bottle of beer costing £8 to be capped without warning.
  10. if you can afford £700pcm and just want a flat/small house I would consider S10 or S11 postcodes. Prices are at a premium but there are some very nice areas to be found around there.
  11. thinking about going up to the 3 merry lads on redmires rd for a drink and to watch the fireworks, does anyone know if they do their own or do the views negate this? Cheers
  12. Can they still not open up the old dig site next door? I know originally it was the plan to use the space but then it was classified as scientific interest?
  13. although interestingly enough a structural survey includes visual observations for mortar decay, it doesn't compel the surveyor to scope the cavity. Our structural survey indicated some degradation of the wall ties, which we paid a specialist to check, turns out the survey based this on external cracking (minor) and the ties had been re-done years before. What I'm saying is structural surveys are not bibles, and more often than not do not tell you anything that a good builder couldn't. If you feel you offered too much money for a property and want to get something discounted before exchange, by all means pay a surveyor! The above applies for properties that have been maintained and don't have obvious defects, as its more than possible that a mortgage company wont lend without certain reports being carried out on run down houses.
  14. We bought our first house 3 years ago, got a full structural as it was a 100 year old terrace. We got a huge document so stuffed with caveats and back covering statements we didn't end up doing any work, and guess what? the house is still standing and has recently been re-sold without a problem. Just bought a 50's semi, went with the valuation survey and an informal, verbal report from a chartered surveyor friend. If the house is in decent condition this is all you need. We also found that having a trusted builder take a look is often more effective than a legally liable surveyor.
  15. back when I was at uni it used to be a proper dive, with UK garage boy racers parked outside for hours on end. it was then empty for a few years, the stockroom was a decent effort, I liked the laid back feel but I think the location is a mixed blessing. The building is an awkward shape for a bar too.
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