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  1. I think you know what to do http://cowsarefunny.com/uploads/images/grass-602.jpg
  2. Has anyone ever used these or a similar company? http://www.keyrepair.co.uk/The%20Repair.html Ta.
  3. I dont like the ad, i dont like the message, i dont like their tactics.
  4. Or just ring the police. Thats what they are there for. Why would giving some charity money do anything about little Tommy Tims down the road getting walloped by daddy after a night on the ale and hookers? No, its crap. Phone the police. In case anyone needs to know the number its 999.
  5. My boild. So looks like he could be onto something
  6. Oh for crying out loud. Someones girlfriend has a puncture again:rolleyes:
  7. Which the women in the op is not and does not. She a thief and you seem to be getting a little too upset about all this. Hitting close to home?
  8. Is there one in sheffield? Ive got about 6, 45cmm slabs i want cutting down to 32cm. Preferably a cut whilst you wait service . Ta.
  9. Let them fight it out. If you play your cards right and teach them to use weapons like this http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_3P8LhWGBoUg/Sq1oHQd3i0I/AAAAAAAABsw/2E3ZNN6ud6w/s400/cats+lighht.bmp then you could make some serious cash. Let me know how it turns out
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