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  1. NEMESIS TRAVEL PROUDLY SUPPORT BABY LEO AND THE SHEFFIELD CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL On Saturday the 17th July 2010 we are holding a sponsored walk in aid of 2 very worthy causes. Around 50 people will be walking from Coronation Park in Maltby to Clifton Park in Rotherham. We will be holding a raffle and having collections along the way. The first is to help the memory of Baby Leo to live on; we are hoping to raise enough money towards the cost of Baby Leo’s headstone. Leo was still born on the 25th May 2010 and we would like to support his Mum Sarah in this fantastic cause. Sarah is well known in Maltby and needs your support. The second is the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity. The Children’s Hospital Charity enhances the work in 4 key areas; Providing Specialist Medical Equipment Research into the prevention and cure of childhood illnesses New facilities to extend the range of treatments provided Improvements to the hospital environment for the benefits of patients How you can help us. 1. Donate a prize for our raffle. 2. Make a cash donation. 3. Join in the sponsored walk (£1 entry fee). 4. Come and join the crowds to support us.
  2. My phone dropped out of my pocket and broke in half the ribbon broke is there anyone outr there that can fix them ? PVT me Paul
  3. you can still buy this from wicker herablists in sheffield or meadowhall, i still buy it regular there. hope this helps
  4. For many years we advertised with them and always got a decent rate but last time it had more than doubled so we did not bother and have not done so since but to be honest we havent notcied any loss from it either, you would be better with yellow pages and thomsons to be honest or place a banner add on here
  5. Can anyone alter a wedding dress. Hem needs taking up can you pm with details cheers
  6. waitrose do not check your balance. with regards to it been illegal it is not illegal to write a cheque without funds its illegal to write a cheque knowing it will bounce so if you are writing it and funds are or will be in to clear it then it is not illegal according to halifax bank anyway. lol
  7. waitrose do 100% used them yesterday always do there
  8. whats happening with yorkshire bank all debit card transactions are been declinded also all phone lines are jammed message on telephone says due to circumstances we can not answer your call then it goes dead and thats on every number head office the lot any ideas ???
  9. great shop evrything about it is great bought all my smelly stuff from there its all really good stuff will go for all my presents from now on
  10. network are a private hire company and therefore are insured to take private hire bookings from where they want. Private hire companies can accept jobs from any area so they would be insured. It does not matter if the company are in Chesterfield they can still pick from Sheffield and drop off in Sheffield if they so wish.
  11. Thanx for the sarcastic comments!! I know its not everyones cuppa, but i hope they do well and wish them all the luck!!
  12. Looks like we are getting a Soap shop in Hillsborough... Been past a few times this week its looking really good, and smells fab too!! Its opening tomorrow morning at 09.30 i will be the first inline to go and have a look...
  13. i need some ideas for a 50th birthday surprise any ideas???
  14. it seems the staff will do anything to sell you a contract with the looks of things, and when you do try to get hold of them you get no where at all. i am back with 02 direct now and thats where i am staying will never try car phone warehouse ever again after this.
  15. i recently took a new contract out with Car phone warehouse and was told iwould get half price line rental roll over minutes and my insurance would be £25 every 3 months after my 2nd bill i had no roll over minutes so i called there customer services and was told that plan did not have rollover minutes so i asked about the half price line rental and was told the same, even though it was written on my contract. i tried for weeks to get a manager to deal with it i emailed there customer service team also head office with no joy i went back in to the store where i took it out without any joy, each time i called they customer services team i was placed on hold, phone disconnected or just was passed from one person to another. after 8 weeks now it is finally resolved i have cancelled my contract and gone to 02 direct who have been great really looked after me and actullay given me what they stated in the contract. i would never use them again after this. anyone else with problems ????
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