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  1. Hi...I lived in the farthest cottage on the left of this picture for a few years. It looks exactly the same as it does now (apart from the lack of hundreds of cars and lorries flying past on Penistone Road)..
  2. Hi All... There is a retaining wall in my back yard because my yard is a few inches higher than the house level. This is my first winter in this house. In a corner of my yard is a low spot. Due to the retaining wall the water cannot drain. I tried drilling holes through the brick so the water can drain out. It did not work. Does anyone have any other ideas?
  3. Ranmoor, Fulwood and Ecclesall are the most superb and expensive areas in the Sheffield to live around....
  4. Hi, I am new in town and want to go out with some friends, which pub could you recommend for 35 years old people :-)???.
  5. hope so, we need really good players, hope the best...
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