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  1. I was given a kitten as a gift a couple months back, my brother has since moved in with me and he seems to be allergic to it. I am looking to sell it, and don't know how to list or where. I have been told its half persian. Here is a photo can someone verify this please. http://i56.tinypic.com/2vja5jk.jpg
  2. Stop calling the 101 number call 999 and say you hear gun shots, when they arrive say may just have been a car back firing. your welcome.
  3. Just got my wirless internet hooked up. I use it on my laptop knowing full well its impossible to be 100% secure on the internet with all the Anti-Virus and Firewalls in the world. Are my details more vunerable on my iPhone 4 as I personally aint installed any softwares.
  4. If your goin to jailbreak dont buy from apple store. Wait for someone who needs to get rid of theirs, as you cant take yousr back to apple if jail broken so might as well buy unopnend but cheap.
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