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  1. Hi im looking for a band I play chords not lead and sing would love 2singers im up for a jam anytime this week
  2. U okay pal I'm starting bk up b cool to jam got gigs and a festival lined up b cool to meet you text me 07456 407 381
  3. Man I have a couple of festivals lined up if u fancy meeting c if we get on and gel 07456 407 381
  4. I can sing and play guitar im up gor it lets meet c if we gel 07456 407 381
  5. I can do lead and sing so dhe can sing more I have 2 festivals lined up if u fancy it ill come meet you cif we fit 07456 407 381
  6. Got a 45 min set at a festival and st another if u want in I need everyone as I plsy huitar and sing so anything else would be great even another singer text me if you fancy it 07456 407381
  7. Iwas really looking for someone to share royalties but if u sign a waver how much for a one off fee 250 small pages but once psid u lode all connection with the book
  8. Looking for new talent message if u want in check out MySpace Strawberry rizla
  9. I sang and played guitar in my old band all my songs Strawberry rizla MySpace I love all music so can come give it a go message me cheers
  10. I'm up to try c if i fit check MySpace Strawberry rizla that's my old band I'm singing and playing guitar its all my own songs love all music get in touch cheers
  11. Did you sort singer and guitar? Ive been in a few bands ill come try c if I fit in look on my space for strawberry rizla I was singer and played guitar there all my own song s message bk cheers
  12. If you would be willing to play at shirecliffe festival please get in touch and send a cd an let us know what I do looking for all styles of music from punk to grime yo folk for s fundraiser Get ya band seen on stage text 07456 407 381
  13. I have a book and think it will be great but looking for someone to help type it as i say it so would b a 50 50 effort if you have been in this game befpre that would be great text 07456 407 381
  14. Hi looking for about 30 more people ,to come and listen to some bands,and be in our music video,,,all drink will be free and if u put a band t shirt on u get paid ,,like i say let me know as last few places r going,,,please bring some id with you should b a laugh as its a friends birthday,,,so there will b 3 bands on then us for the video then got a friend playing the decks after so free party ,,,let me know how many u want to bring,,, more crazy,the better ,,,stand out on the video i will b cheers
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