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  1. Hi Alecmac I don't recall the name but then it is a long while ago ! I remember a couple of names of the lads . Both ginger haired Howard Timms and Edward Grimes . Memory isn't too good these days . I cannot remember any of the girls names .Good to hear from you Susan Wright as was then now Grayson
  2. I lived at no.32 Studley rd from 1971 till they demolished them in 1978 ? I think it was. My names Susan Grayson , my maiden name Wright
  3. Hi Sasky I too went to Darnall Church and Waltheof from 64/ 1968 . I lived on Studley road when I got married in 1971 , before that I lived on Gladstone St
  4. Was amusing reading through this thread I left Waltheof in 1968 and my last form teacher was the deputy head Mr marshall . Have some fond memories of being in that school . Anyone else on here go there between 1964 - 68 . Love to hear from you if you did
  5. Hi I too remember pop as a great headteacher . I left Waltheof about 1968 and I was in 4/1 and Mr Marshall was our form teacher , had some good laughs after breaks and dinner times when pupils were lined up outside the classroom waiting for the stick , but to be honest being one of his class was brilliant wehad a right laugh with him . Now Ben Holland was a different kind of person didn't like him at all . Think my boyfriend of the time could beat you for the stick ( now my husband 41 years ) he received it every day for smoking or fighting
  6. Hi Terry no I'm afraid I didn't get the photos , must have got lost somewhere
  7. Hi Terry ours was the 2nd Street up handsworth Hill , the one with the little corner shop at the bottom . Can't remember who owned it now , memory is rubbish . The bottom street had bentalls dentist at the bottom of it and I remember some horrible times in there yuk ! It could have been called Beighton St ?? Do you know the Wraggs who lived at the bottom of our street. Ian used to go to Darnall Church and he was a year older than me
  8. Hi Janet I vaguely remember the names Susan and Christine Skelton , but I would have left to go to the Waltheof by then . Yes this thread brings back some happy memories , and I remember Miss Llewelyn . I too loved going in Goughs , it always had a lovely smell to the shop with all the sweets and drinks
  9. Sent you my e.mail address and so looking forward to seeing the photos Thanks Susan
  10. Oh wow we lived next door to your uncle then ,the other side of the gennel, never new his first name , always called him Mr Revill , lovely man used to make me a finney haddock sarni when he cooked his fish. By then I was married and called Grayson which I still am . The Andrews lived down the road on the opposite side and had greyhound dogs . Vaguely remember the drivers .There was the Duttons too who lived across the road from us , small world isn't it ?
  11. I moved from the area in 1978 when they demolished our house on Studley rd and now live at Hollinsend ( intake ) . When I left school I worked at Dunford Elliot down attercliffe in the offices , that's now gone I think
  12. Unfortunately my brother is no longer with us he would probably have remembered you . My memory is not very good for names . My brothers friends at the time you went to Darnall Church were , John Temprell who lived up Handsworth hill somewhere , and there was someone with the second name Pask . I went to school with Joan Huttley , Pauline Bulmer and she emigrated to OZ in the 60s . Sorry I can't think of anymore
  13. Hi Terry my maiden name was Susan Wright , but maybe you knew my brother more than me he was Kenneth Wright and we lived on Gladstone St in Darnall . I used to walk home through the Littledale estate sometimes from the Waltheof school , was a bit of a scrabble at times to catch the bus down Prince of Wales Rd
  14. Hi I went to Darnall Church School , must have started there about 1956/57 and my brother would have started about 51/52 . What a lovely old school it was . Sadly I went to the bank on the corner of Station Rd the other week and noticed that it has now been demolished , so sad it was a lovely old building
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