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  1. Hardware shop bottom Bellhouse rd .
  2. Hiya Kingsy 1944 I lover on Deerlands Ave, I loved between Gillots and Longleys
  3. Hi terriertype there is a group of knitters and crocheters at the premier inn, angel street Sheffield, Wednesdays 11 till 1 it's free third floor in the restaurant. Also waterstones orchard square in the costa cafe I think this one is 10 till 12. You would be welcome to come along.
  4. I've seen this guy on fargate being aggressive towards another person playing an instrument.
  5. Tess are you sure you don't mean Bernard Rd incinerater Park Hill chimney is no longer in use
  6. Wish I could still get Geminnesse perfume was my favourite
  7. Thanks for this info sky edge I'm struggling at the moment I'm on 100thyroxine and feel as bad if not worse than when I was first diagnosed this is something I'm gonna look into.
  8. Chris b you got an obsession with parts falling off planes
  9. Thanks minimo, I'll have to enquire tomoz hopefully get hold of it in time.
  10. Help I ordered a birth certificate two weeks ago and I've not recieved it yet was told I would get it Monday that's just gone and its important for tomorrow or next Monday at the latest
  11. Just like to say myself and my family have used Merrills on numerous occasions and would recommend them always, well established company. Speak as I find.
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