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  1. Hello, I have a free download on my website for full nutrition plan. http://revitalizefitness.co.uk/#/free-downloads/4556167520 Aimee x
  2. Hello, I've got a few places left on my women's only FIT Club starting November. There are two venues, Goals and Wisewood Sports Centre. 6 week nutrition and exercise class with full support outside of the sessions. More info on my website http://revitalizefitness.co.uk/#/fit-club/4556173196 Get in touch if you want any more info. Aimee x
  3. FEMALE ONLY BOOTCAMPS If you want to start seeing some real results from your training then please read on! • Have you been training for a while but don’t seem to be seeing any major changes in your body shape or fitness? • Do you want to start seeing real results from your fitness programme? • Do you want it to be easy? If you answered YES to even one of these questions then get in touch today to sign up to my Female Intensive Training Club. WEDNESDAY 8.00PM - 8.45PM FOR 6 WEEKS AT ALL SAINTS SPORTS CENTRE (GOALS) 9TH NOVEMBER UNTIL 14TH DECEMBER What’s included in the package? • 1 training session per week for 6 weeks (max. 5 people per group) • Home workout plan • Full nutrition plan • Weekly food diary analysis That’s a full exercise, nutrition and lifestyle plan for only £90 …so don't miss out on this opportunity, take action by booking your place today! 07834604224 or aimee@revitalizefitness.co.uk
  4. Hello, Thought you might be interested in this http://england.shelter.org.uk/what_you_can_do/events_and_challenges/orbital_rush Also try Don Valley Stadium (outdoor) or EIS (indoor) for stairs to train on. Good luck, Aimee
  5. Hi Kate, Have you managed to find a personal trainer yet? Aimee
  6. You will no doubt have heard of a FLASH MOB, well JCI Sheffield have taken this concept and decided to use it for a great cause. Our aim is simply to get as many people together as possible to The Cathedral Archer Project (based at the Cathedral), on Thursday 30th June at 1pm to build a giant pot noodle pyramid. The idea is that people will just bring along a pot noodle and have fun by placing it in the pyramid then going about their business as if nothing has happened! All of the pot noodles will be donated to the Cathedral Archer project who support Sheffield’s homeless citizens – pot noodles are one of the most practical items that the project makes use of as they can distribute them to their clients who often have no means to cook a hot meal. Please help us spread the word by telling all your friends, family and colleagues. For more information please contact Lisa on price_lisa@hotmail.co.uk
  7. Hello, We are starting to run fitness instructor courses in Sheffield and may be able to help as a starting point. More than happy to discuss with your niece to give more info on the courses and the industry. My website is http://www.revitalizefitness.co.uk and my contact details are on there. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Aimee xx
  8. Hello, I am a personal trainer and have a client that might be interested in playing. I will pass on the message for you. Please can you DM me your contact details. Aimee
  9. Shave and exfoliate day before. Moisturise before applying tan, especially on dry bits (knees ankles elbows) wait for it to soak in then apply tan. I use latex gloves to avoid getting in on palms as it does stain. If you are doing your face just put a small amount on the parts that would normally tan, forehead nose cheeks etc. Id recommend having a practice go to get used to it!!! The St Moritz goes on quite dark but a lot of it does wash off in shower so you may need to do another layer before you go out.
  10. St Moritz from B&M or home bargains. £2.99 and is best fake tan ive ever come across!!!! you need to make sure you exfoliate and moisturise well and possibly add another layer depending on how dark you want it. A x
  11. Hi Dez, Visit my website for more info on how I can help. Aimee
  12. Spot reduction, the concept of burning more fat in a particular "target area" of the body, does not exist. Your body determines where fat is stored and where it is subsequently reduced through caloric expenditure. You need to continue with your CV exercise (and possibly increase it) as well as combining strength exercises for the upper body and chest area. Aimee
  13. Hello, please have a look at my site http://www.revitalizefitness.co.uk Aimee
  14. Hi Thanks to everyone that got in touch and helped me out with this. I am now offering a bridal personal training package. *1:1 training for brides or grooms *Group training (max 5) for the bridal party - the perfect pre wedding present! I'm going to be attending the Firefly wedding show in April. There will be special offers on block bookings on the day. There will also be a very exciting "Win your Wedding" competition to win a wedding venue, wedding dress voucher, engagement shoot, bridal jewellery, flowers, chair covers, invitations, personal training sessions & a holiday voucher! To enter you need to either register on the website or at the shop on Chapel Walk. You then have to attend on the day and pick up your draw ticket. Only those who attend will be entered. Sign up here - http://fireflyweddingshows.blogspot.com/
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