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  1. :help: Can anyone give me a bit of advice I have a Kia Sorento 55 Plate and the other week the clutch peddles went to the floor and would not spring back up, so I knew there was something wrong with the clutch. Cut a long story short I took it to a garage that I know, and they said it looked like the Slave cylinder and swapped it out. 2 weeks later the same thing happened I went back to the garage and they reluctantly replaced the slave cylinder which went again within 2 days... What I want to know is how much would it cost me for a new clutch Slave and Master cylinder even a second hand one to be fitted and do you know of anyone that could do this ASAP. If you can or you know of someone that can do this job, please contact me through the forums and give me a rough price on how much it will be... Thanks for reading Craig
  2. Jeff the joiner has done a great job once again for us we have also used him in the past and because of his quality of work we have used him again. He is very reliable honest and a perfectionist at any job he does, we would highly recommend him, all we can say is if you want the best at very reasonable rates this is the guy for the job.. Craig Jeffs contact number if you need him 07861379796 http://www.freeindex.co.uk/profile(joinery-solutions)_594351.htm
  3. Anyone remember Peter Drew from Park hill Flats married to Cynthia Drew who passed away a few years ago...Peter Drew lived at 186 Long Henry Row for 35 Years, and knew loads of people now all the people have now gone from park hill not sure how many are members here.... I just want to inform all that knew him he passed away on the 8th Oct, his funeral will take place at Hutcliffe Wood crematoria on Monday 17th at 2.PM:sad::sad: Thanks for your support..... Craig his Son
  4. I think I do remember your Brother (Andrew Proctor)... I'm am Craig Drew
  5. Hello everyone Just to have my say, i go to the Market every Saturday and i see more and more stalls closing. I was talking to one of the stall holders last Saturday and he was at the old market for years, he is a small business and did very well at the old market, he was saying the rates and service chargers for the Market have now gone to the normal rate, as they were half price to begin with to encourage stall holder to go there, and loads of stall holders will now struggle because of the increases, and i will suspect more of them will go else where? The Sheffield council are just killing the traders in the market. It's a real shame.....
  6. Hi I am looking to get driving lessons for my son, can anyone recommend a driving instructor who has Mini's to learn in? I am also looking at block booking lessons for him, i have seen some that say 10 lessons for £100 are they any good. Any recommendation and feedback from you guys would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks for Reading
  7. Windows 8 can very easily be made to work and act identical to Windows 7 all you need is Stardock Start8 and that will do the trick.. This is the link http://www.stardock.com/products/start8/download.asp Hope this helps...
  8. Fantastic DVD what a credit to ANDY that done it..... Thanks again....
  9. Hi Chris Thanks for that do you remember any name i put in the Thread??? Do i know you ???? Mick and Andy Hancock Stephen Handcock (Not Related) Adam Clicksby David Eastwoon Leon Amendis ? (A coloured chap) Phil not sure of surname (**** of school)
  10. I have been thinking about school they were the best years...So i think LOL I would love a school reunion but how do you go about getting one together...?? People i remember at school...... Mick and Andy Hancock Stephen Handcock (Not Related) Adam Clicksby David Eastwoon Leon Amendis ? (A coloured chap) Phil not sure of surname (**** of school) But weird thing i don't remember teachers Thanks for viewing...... Craig Drew (Dog Bitus) LOL
  11. Hi I am not sure about the sale of goods act with a car...I once bought a car many years ago from a local dealer it turned out to be a total right off...When i went to get some legal advice, they told me that because the receipt stated Sold as seen they was nothing they could do?? However not sure if that's the sale of goods act any more ? Thanks
  12. Well we might never know....LOL Thanks for all the reply s....(Wish i would have asked now lol)
  13. Jeff (JSmith2009) **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED JOINER** ***HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*** ***HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*** Once again Jeff has just done some work for my dad TOP BLOKE ***HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*** ***HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*** Thanks again Jeff
  14. Hello everyone Anyone know what is happening with the Garage car sales on Greenland Road next to that new electrical shop (YESS), On Friday 20/09/2013 I went looking for a car and there was a guy sat on a chair outside the Garage and he was holding a sign something about speak to me first? As I walked back the owner I presume had put a sign up saying he was a con Mann and he does this all the time?? Is this legal...as I would not be happy if someone did that to me... the car dealer has been there 20 years to my knowledge although i never got a car off them but they do seem a nice company... Thanks for reading
  15. Just thinking the other day about this post my son as just left school he is now 16 and got a job.....God i feel old...Life rushers by and you don't even know....well to all that have posted Thanks hope this keeps going even though we are old....LOL
  16. Please use the vacancies section of classifeds. Closing.
  17. Just like to say thank you Jeff for once again coming out straight away to sort out my Dads doors after having the carpets fitted fantastic service once again Thank you...Highly recommended
  18. ***HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*** We have just had 5 doors hung and 2 shelves built in a cupboard by Jeff (JSmith2009) I can highly recommend him personally. He was very fair on price, a real professional on what he did, and a very nice chap that knows his stuff, I have got a couple of more projects for the future and I will defiantly be using him for the work. ***HIGHLY RECOMMENDED***
  19. Hi all Thanks for the reply's, however the reason my Dad would not be suitable for the new flats is because he is disabled and he can not manage stairs.. He really struggles in the flat he lives in now..I am not sure if i made my self clear, we have bid on two, 2 X bedroom bungalows and not got them because the Sheffield councils says he is only eligible for a 2 bedroom flat or a one bedroom bungalow. I really do think the Sheffield council policy stinks. He's been a tenant for 40+ years with the Sheffield council, and he is being asked to leave his home as you can imagine at 75 and with his disabillity things are difficult enough all he wants is to live the rest of his life hassle free and live where he wants to live and not someone telling him he only has options that the Sheffield council are giving him.the thought of him having to move is bad enough for him...Anyway like i said thanks for reading and i will keep you all up to date when he eventually moves..
  20. Hi Thanks for replying what even the ones that were advertised on the 20th Feb? If so how do i find them... Cheers
  21. My Dad has lived on Park-hill for 35 yrs and is still there, and we have looked at the newly refurbished flats and they are diabolical, they should never have moved all the people out of them and just refurbished them all. All the homeless people in Sheffield...A real shame...My dad lives in a 2 bed roomed flat and now he is forced to move they are offering him a one bed roomed Flat....Sheffield council are a total disgrace and dont care about the people that were born here, this is no longer the City i remember ...It's just to make some property developers money...Shocking (JUST ASK THE PEOPLE THAT ARE STILL ON THE PARK HILL)
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