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  1. I took it there yesterday only played on it once after it was fixed but it already broke.
  2. i took it to that p&m computers got it repaired took it home and it broke after about 1hr
  3. Any one know a computer shop that can fix xbox's open on a sunday?
  4. How mutch can u get for a faulty one on ebay
  5. i was going to but its warrenty ran out and they can charge up to £100 iv been told
  6. two years and it isnt modded
  7. Anyone know where I can get my xbox 360 fixed I have the ring of death Thanks:help:
  8. Yea there quite big. But the biggest I've seen are in a little pond in the shire brook valley and there's loads of them. Don't know if there edible or not tho mate never eaten cray fish.
  9. Was it fair to sack Kevin Blackwell and do you think that Gary Speed is the right man to be his replacement?
  10. has anyone been fishing down on river rother at beighton if so what did u catch and what bait worked best?
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