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  1. Has anyone bought a car from Handsworth Car Sales, we went today to have a look, there are some good priced cars, any advice appreicated:)
  2. Hi I did Atkins 3 years ago and lost 2.5 stone. It was good but got to the point where my weight wasn't moving. Now I don't diet just changed my lifestyle and have lost 2 stones so far, got another two stones to go.
  3. We have been there in the morning at 10am and its open but this was just before late night shopping
  4. We live in Woodhouse and yesterday we started digging out our neighbours and our car, but the car would not go up the slight hill that we live on. Just come back from Asda, and two of the other neighbours have cleared the whole road. Just want to say thank you for this. However just a gripe at Stagecoach, we got the bus at the Junction terminus but on the way back he told everyone he was not going up to the Junction due to cars abandoned on the Station Road, my husband and I have just walked up Station Road. Surprise Surprise there are no abandoned cars. Top marks for the buses running but please be honest
  5. To be honest, we have bailed the banks out, most people already pay interest and why in hell should they have to pay twice. They have made a very big profit this year, so why do they need to bring these charges in, when they have made a profit already. Lets be honest no one wants to go overdrawn, but in this current climate, it is very common.
  6. I have just had a letter from my bank telling me about overdraft charges. In the whole of my working life I have been overdrawn twice. You think fair enough but I have been working over 20 years and that is not bad going. Anyway they are now going to start charging £5 if you go overdrawn plus interest on top:mad: I thought we owed most of the banks, how the hell can they do this. What is the point, its about time something was done about this. I assumed that the banks were trying to help us. Your telling me they are doing this to help other customers, I dont think so, it is just another scam to line their own dam pockets.:mad:
  7. Yea I totally agree, he is now looking at other options.
  8. Now that I have enough posts I think I can include the link! http://www.fast-track-to-fat-loss.co.uk/ as recommended, the site name does what it says on the tin!
  9. The url has been sent to all the obvious places, search engines and the like, but I'm told it could take a year to get anywhere near the top of their lists!
  10. The pages were allegedly created so that all he had to do was upload them to a server....and hey presto people would be falling over themselves to buy! Whether this is the case or not I'd really like to know....unfortunately the forum tells me I have to make more posts before I can post a link!
  11. Hi My husband has set up his own website but is having problems getting traffic through. He has had a few hits, but needs help. Does anyone have any ideas. He is advertising sports and weight loss programms or anything that will help generate income:help: Any help would be appreciated:P
  12. Lets be honest here. Woodhouse is a wonderful little village. Its got good community spirit. All the groups claim to do good for the area, but if your honest you and I know what the BNP stands for. What we need is more people in the area to get involved in what is going on in the community. There are a lot of decent people here, not all are vermin. Your right you dont have to vote for them, but labour has not done a bad job around here, and to be fair lets look at the present government, they promised the earth and now as normal is the poorer end of the scale that will suffer. Where is the justice in that
  13. I have just had a leaflet through our letter box from a BNP who has decided to run for the seat which the lovely Marjorie Barker occupied until her death. I have never read such a load of rubbish. For one thing, I wish that he had used his spell checker and the grammar, well words fail me He talks about the halfway house, well if he actually lived in Woodhouse,he would know that some of the so called drunks and drug dealers who are running wild?? are actually not from the halfway house. Does he not realise that St George was actually Turkish. Another thing before I go, does Mr Pont not realise that his name is the french word for bridge.
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