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  1. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-city-centre-development-plans-to-be-discussed-1-9192678 This new development will fail badly. There are insufficient large retailers interested and the whole retail sector in the UK is struggling. I seriously doubt that any store groups will invest in this new development - the people of Sheffield just don't have the disposable income to justify such a development and the retail centre of gravity moved to Meadowhall many years ago. I do hope SCC haven't borrowed money for this.
  2. Apparently, we are the sixth worst city in the UK for boarded up and closed stores.....read the article for more stats.
  3. Interesting article on why shopping in Sheffield is so awful http://www.ffb-online.co.uk/ (see page 8, 9 and 10)
  4. That's the pub that has been bought out by the community. Doing well apparently.
  5. Have just witnessed a man and a woman repeatedly kicking and punching a small white dog. Have reported it to the police but it may be hours before they can look for them. Last seen walking towards the University of Sheffield If you see them PLEASE report it to the police immediately. If they get enough calls they will be forced to act. He is tall, bearded, wearing blue jeans and a grey top. She is wearing grey track suit bottoms and a small bikini-type top. They are both very thin and look like smackheads. Needless to say, they appear high on drink and drugs and became threatening and abusive when me and another mmeber of the public challenged them.
  6. The only drivers worse than Sheffield bus drivers are Sheffield taxi drivers... a complet law unto themselves.
  7. I spoke to them, apparently the landlords put up the rent by so much that it has made the place unprofitable. They are hoping to find a new location. Unfortunately, these things can take many months, maybe even a year to find a sit, negotiate terms etc and fit it out. Can't blame them for closing down if they have a greedy landlord.
  8. I think you will find this only applies in the US. Employer's over there can get away with a lot of things that we would not tolerate in this country.
  9. Get expert legal help NOW. Only a lawyer can look out for your interests in this matter. Your employers will care, but only to a degree, and will consider what suits them (as well as you) before taking action. Unions, police, societies all have their own agendas. Ring a solicitor - you they will point you in the direction of the lawyer best placed to help you. I wish you well and hope you get a satisfactory conclusion
  10. This does not answer your question but will definitely help you - Luke Johnson has a book out called Start It Up. It covers new business start ups, funding and inventions. It is packed full of down to earth common sense about starting and running a business.
  11. They are not a rip off. They buy low and sell high, which is basically what every viable business has to do in order to survive and pay the extortionate rent/rates that all businesses are charged these days, not to mention spiralling wage costs, heating , lighting etc. If anyone thinks they are a rip off they are free to start their versions of Cash Converters - but they can make a principled stance by paying more for purchases and selling at a price that yields just a tiny profit. Let's see how long they last.
  12. PO boxes from the Post Office are much more expensive since they raised their prices a while back. The guy who runs the mail box etc place on devonshire green tells me they are picking up a lot of trade cos their prices are same as post office but they do more services and are confidential
  13. Have you tried the Job Centre? You have to be very careful about how you word your advert and how you target it, and you have to kiss a lot of frogs, but in my experience you can get some very good calibre people this way, and it's free.
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