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  1. i have a gym induction at ponds forge coming up but forgot to ask what it involves. Its my first time going to a gym to so i'm a little bit nervous and have no idea where to start! whats involved in the gym induction? do i need to be in gym gear or be prepared for any sort of fitness test?
  2. you'd be surprised these days. Most horses in the market now are around this price range. And most ate pretty decent. The riding school i go to have all their horses for sale. As these horses are all used for lessons for novices and upwards, these horses would be ideal for a first horse for the your little nervous rider. And i think a few are in your price range. Just type grenoside equestrian in google and you'll find their website. You could also ask at the place where she rides and see if theyre willing to part with any
  3. Can confirm its an armed robbery. More information here. Police are appealing for witnesses http://www.southyorks.police.uk/node/1915
  4. yeah, i totally understand as they are very grounded animals. but once she's out of the cage and running around the house, shes very nervy and doesn't like her head being touched and still flinches when she's being stroked. she'd much rather try and get back in her cage or try and squeeze behind the sofa away from us. i've started to give her a lots of attention, offering her yummy carrots while stroking her "sensitive areas" i'm starting to see some progress which i'm happy about (:
  5. Ah, i had a feeling that would be the case nox. I wasnt the one who purchased her, but when i looked at pictures of the place on the graves park website, i saw how overrun the enclosures were with rabbits and now it looks obvious theres very little hands on attention involved. I will carry on with what i'm doing, but literally start from basics by starting in the cage before taking her out. We're thinking about getting another, but not for a while so hopefully she'll be more perky as well! And teeny, we wanted to go with one closer to home as we dont have our own car, its called abbeymoor vets on halifax road. Its said to be specialised with small animals but nothing has been booked yet so if you have any recommendations around the sheffield 5 area, or if you know of abbeymoor, please let me know
  6. I have a female rabbit who is around 20 weeks old. We got her from graves park when she was around 8 weeks old. Shes incredibly nervous and she kicks ferociously when we try to pick her up and i'm worrying she may hurt her back. Since we got her, we've been letting her out for around half an hour everyday, but picking her up without her almost injuring herself and even trying to get her used to me is getting increasingly difficult. She was originally bought for my younger siblings (11 and 3) but they are too scared to hold her or even stroke her as she is so panicky and Shes due for her first vet appointment for a claw trim soon and will also be spayed so i would like her to be as calm as possible, but i'm not surr that it will be safe to do so with how afraid and timid she is now. I'm aware she is young and they are quite boistrous and excitable, but she doesnt seem to be improving with all the time i am spending with her 1 to 1 Any advice would be great. Thanks
  7. No, its not me. I just came across it
  8. masked female has been found. link shows more info + contact details http://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/105764602/found-polecat-coloured-ferret-s35.html
  9. yeah, the 73 got cancelled quite a while back
  10. i'd love a part loan over the summer. around 14.2 - 15.2 would be perfect. i dont drive so it'd help if the stables are easy to get access to and in sheffield i'm quite small, so nothing too strong to ride or bolshy on the ground. will be available most days to suit. don't mind a hacker. PM if you have anything suitable
  11. i go to grenoside equestrian centre. I believe its £16 for a group or £18 for private. Both are for 30 mins. think theres also a 45 minute option as well, but i dont know the prices for those, sorry. really good, friendly. BHS approved and they're also a pony club branch so you can get your 12yr old involved hands on as well with pony club lessons http://www.grenoside-equestrian.co.uk/ no: 0114 2402548
  12. Wanting to purchase in the next 2 weeks or so. preferably males and on the tame side. ideally want a hairless pair but, would be happy to have a hairless and normal pairing if you have any single babies from odd numbered litters. PM if you have anything thanks
  13. Hi We're in cleethorpes right now in thorpe park as it happens! We're here till friday. We could keep a look out for the poor thing as we don't leave till friday. Do you have a description? And don't know if there are any rescue in cleethorpes/grimsby. Sorry.
  14. looking to take my beginner friend on a nice hack for a couple of hours in the sheffield countryside with nice scenary but haven't really got any places in mind. the riding places near me either have short hacks (30 mins) or don't offer hacking at all. anyone know of any in the area?
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