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  1. Sheffbag you do seem to be amongst those who think that the protesters are wrong to gather in breach of the covid regulations (and I have now seen the courts ruling confirming the lawfulness of the initial regulations). All of the activities you have suggested would breach the regulations. Standing on your doorstep wouldn't and I have not suggested that it would. Gathering in your street on the pavement or in the road with your neighbours to express solidarity, gratitude, or support for a particular cause or organisation does breach the regulations. Lots of people did gather outside of their homes on the public highway and outside the buildings they work in to show support for the NHS, in breach of the covid regulations. Such scenes were filmed and broadcast by BBC. It's interesting to me that people have a different attitude towards those who gathered for this reason and those who gather outside for other reasons which would under ordinary circumstances be perfectly lawful.
  2. I think that there are a significant number of people who feel that protesters are wrong to gather at the moment because of a perceived risk of spreading infection or because of the regulations prohibiting gatherings (we await the courts decision on the lawfulness of the regulations themselves which were introduced without parliamentary scrutiny). Did you feel the same way about those who came out of their homes and workplaces into the road or the car park or forecourt outside their building to join together in clapping and cheering and banging pots and pans for the NHS? In my view, the government seemed to encourage those gatherings, I think to help build national pride. Sorry, meant to quote West77 above.
  3. Just saw reports about the police violently attacking journalists trying to cover the protests in Bristol. The journalists had identified themselves as such and shown press cards. The force has since publically apologised and said it does believe in a free press as a cornerstone of democracy. An earlier comment made by a senior officer from that force about some protesters having seemed to be waiting for something to ignite violence at the protests on Sunday just gone had made me wonder if it was police violence against peaceful protesters that provided that ignition.
  4. I have read parts of the bill. It's not easy reading and it's made no easier by having to flick between the bill and the existing law. Then there is the need to criticaly consider how the proposed laws will be given effect in practice if passed. Peaceful (by which I mean non violent) protest will in some forms certainly be unlawful. I think that the majority of people, including those who are well educated, would find it difficult to fully understand the bill and it's potential impact by reading it alone. I think that most people will rely on reports from the mainstream media, who will have run those reports by their lawyers. Some people will have also read the government fact sheet- which seeks to create a different impression.
  5. apelike, the bill, in its current form, will also make peaceful protest demonstrations unlawful.
  6. What are peoples thoughts on this? Do you think that we are likely to see further riots around the country this year?
  7. Hiya, Thinking about selling some bedroom furniture, will be buyer collect only if I do it cos heavy stuff. What do people recknon is best way to sell, want to get good price. Have thought about posting here, ebay, gumtree or huba. What you guys think? x
  8. I want to get up onto my roof this Friday. Where can I rent a ladder from at a reasonable price? I would need them to deliver and collect it as I have no way of transporting it. Thanks
  9. Have a look on the Chambers and Partners website for details of top-rated solicitors who specialise in reputation management work. These are epensive cases to bring though and I think people who bring these type of cases need to be seriously rich or seriously famous.
  10. Yes, my nephew's school are doing a nativity play this week
  11. I'm hopeful that I haven't ruined my life yet (but am a bit freaked out by the implication that I might be going to ). Having reviewed this thread I reckon about 11 or 12 dates before having sex is probably generally acceptable but realise that what's right will be different for different people (or groups of people apparantly if you can get Ann Widicombe to join in) etc
  12. How many dates do you think people generally have with each other before having sex?
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