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  1. Was in post office in the city centre the other day and there was a massive queue (as usual) and an old lady in the queue was very unsteady and said she felt unwell. Somebody asked for a chair for her and was told "sorry love, Health and Safety took 'em away.. used to have them but Health and safety won't allow it". This old lady was forced to remain standing, her arms supported by two men either side. Somebody shouted "What about this lady's health and safety?". Needless to say, this fell on deaf ears. Have petty regulations in this country reduced us all to the point where we all stick rigidly to daft rules and are no longer able to act on common sense?
  2. Maybe you saw them on 3 separate occasions cos they were lost in this daft one way system we have
  3. That got my attention! Thought it was going to be something more exciting! Hey Chav, will they pack and send xmas presents too?
  4. I was 50m away and on the phone when I saw it. The culprit moved away quickly. Had I been nearer and quicker to react I would have done something, mind you I would probably have got my head kicked in! As for calling the police...easier said than done....I saw another incident later that day on Chavonshire Green where a girl was punching the beejasus out of another girl - called 999 - waited....and waited.... and waited - eventually someone answered - they had already heard about the incident from other callers but were too busy to attend - G8 and all that.
  5. Have just seen some of the cream of Sheffield's youth in a pigeon kicking fest on Devonshire Green ...one of them managed to kill one ....he was very proud of himself. Is it me or is Sheffield getting worse?
  6. Am beginining to lose hope in ever seeing these streaking birds - nothing for the last 2 Wednesdays!
  7. What are the chances of persuafing them to use the skateboard park and doing some nude skateboarding?
  8. Got yer camera ready for tonight asbo? What time does it kick off?
  9. Yeah...every Wednesday night....always from the big flats on Fitzy Street towards Mail Boxes Etc ...... Asked around a while back nobody knows who they are or why they do it but a few others seem to be jumping on the bandwagon and doing it too..
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