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  1. http://www.floodprotectionsheffield.com/pages/upper-don-catchment-options The link above will take you to the council pages that gives the information on the options currently being consulted on. At this stage, the consultation is asking about the concept of providing flood storage areas, amongst other options, but detailed work on the final locations of any ground works such as embankments will follow.
  2. There is a gross cost for the contract and profit share from Energy production, District Energy Network and Recycled Materials is offset against this to give the net cost of the service to the council.
  3. It's part of the overall contract so started when Onyx (Veolia's previous name) took on the contract.
  4. Yes I am and the Waste Management Contract falls within my portfolio.
  5. Income from recycling is subject to profit share between SCC and Veolia, as is the electricity generated from the Energy Recovery Facility and heat distributed through the District Energy Network. It's part of the overall waste management budget and offsets the gross charge for household waste collection and disposal.
  6. Seems very bizarre and I would have thought that they should have tried to contact the owner of the car and ask if it could be removed. Perhaps they were hoping it would get moved whilst they were working there that day? Be interesting to see if this has now been sorted out. If someone wants to give me the road, I can make enquiries and ask Amey to investigate with their sub contractors to find out what went on. With regards to the work in general, on a contract of this size, and over such a large area, there will be incidents where things don't always go to plan. There are problems with third parties such as Northern Powergrid (who have to connect up the lights and seem to work at their own pace all over the North, irrespective of interventions made by many Councils, Councillors and MP's alike), utility companies (who realise that if they want to replace mains or renew infrastructure, they need to get in before the work is done and have brought forward their investment plans), sub contractors (but that's Amey's problem to resolve) or just the weather that impacts on planned works. I think the important think is that they learn from mistakes, respond to problems, minimise disruption and try to prevent problems arising in the future. Clearly, they have a way to go on these areas to improve satisfaction ratings based on comments from the public on social media and the traditional press. Where the works have been done, the carriageways have a better ride, the pavements are safer and the street lighting is improved. The core investment period (CIP) is five to seven years, if I recall correctly, and Amey have to achieve certain milestones to receive scheduled payments. Delays to some zones mean work is being conducted in other areas to 'catch up' such as pavements and trees.
  7. The damage to Hopefield Avenue was caused by a burst water main, not by winter weather. They pot hole has had a temporary repair and will be fully restored shortly. Once Severn Trent have completed their work and confirmed this to Streetsahead, Amey will do the full repair.
  8. Family Fancy Dress Hallowe'en Disco at Holme Lea, Handsworth this Saturday from 7pm. Fun and games for all the family. Free entry, all welcome.
  9. Club Baize on West Street, Beighton may be able to help.Details of the rooms and the wedding packages we offer can be found on the website http://www.clubbaize.co.uk
  10. We have a venue at Park Sports Bar that is free to hire. It's opposite the Hyde Park Tram Stop, one stop out of town on the yellow route, ample parking, kids welcome, cheap beer prices (Currently £1.99 for Carling, Worthingtons, Caffreys, Coors Light, Carling Cider). Telephone 0114 2750378
  11. I think the police are using the pond for a training exercise
  12. Could try Club Baize at Sothall (0114 2477276) or Holme Lea at Handsworth (0114 269 2525) Both have rooms that may be suitable. They require a deposit but you get that back in bar vouchers on the night so the room is free.
  13. Park Sports Bar on Cricket Inn Road is one stop out of town on the yellow tram route. Tram stop is outside. Free room hire and cheap drink prices at £1.99 a pint for Carling, Carling Cider, Caffreys, Stones, Worthingtons and Coors. 0114 275 0378 Dance floor and large stage area with room for DJ
  14. Park Sports Bar, Cricket Inn Road. 0114 275 0378 High ceiling in the function room and a kids party recently had a bouncy castle in there. Free room hire and good value drinks prices - £1.99 a pint for Carling, Carling Cider, Caffreys, Stones, Worthingtons and Coors at current prices (£1.50 Monday to Thursday!)
  15. Club Baize at Sothall have posted the Christmas entertainment details on the website. http://www.clubbaize.co.uk/christmas.html
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