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  1. I don't understand why anyone would say they look awful now. When Park Hill was run down with rotting window frames and damaged balustrades, not to mention the general aesthetic of being scruffy, it did look awful. But in my opinion, Urban Splash have done a pretty good job of making it look modern and liveable again. These are good points. Whenever you read about the best cities to live in, Sheffield often seems to get overlooked. We should be up there with places like Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool. Don't we need a vibrant city center that attracts young professionals and investment? The Park Hill flats regeneration seems to be just the kind of thing we need.
  2. I wonder if the investors are local people who think they are onto a good thing, or the increasingly mentioned Londoners buying up cheap northern housing? The insides do look nice don't they, and it's good that they have the concrete parts still visible, it gives the rooms a bit of character. I must say 100-120k for a 2 bed in such a modern development seems woefully low, even for Sheffield. Compared to the soulless boxes in many of the other city apartment blocks, Park Hill doesn't seem expensive. 255k does seem a lot when you can get a nice 3 bedroom semi in a decent part of Sheffield like Meersbrook for less, but then as others have said, it's what people are prepared to pay. Does anybody know what did happen to the former residents that were living there right up until the revamp started? Were they rehoused in other parts of Sheffield?
  3. I was playing devil's advocate a little bit. I imagine there are people who would regard the new flats as being a bit posh, especially as it was all social housing previously, but I don't necessarily think that myself. I'm interested to hear what other people think, especially any who were of the 'knock the bloody thing down' persuasion, but might have changed their mind. I actually think the complex looks quite nice, it's certainly very colourful. I can see why they were often called an eyesore towering over the city, but not now. To me they just look like a modern apartment building that you might find in a big city anywhere in the world. The problem many people seem to have is that they can't separate the old from the new. If the original project had never existed and the building had been put up from scratch, I doubt many would say much about it.
  4. Some of the revamped Park Hill flats are now on sale for over a quarter of a million pounds, both brand new and lived in. Having recently gone through some of the old Park Hill flats threads from over a decade ago, I wonder what folks make of it all now. One particular post stated 'I cannot see anyone wanting to spend up to £200,000 buying an apartment there after the site is re-developed.' That was from 15 years ago, so I appreciate inflation has naturally made property prices rise, but still. Few would've predicted needing to find the top prize on Deal or No Deal just to buy a 2 bedroom flat at Park Hill. Those threads contained a lot of negativity (though there were folk that predicted it would do well) about the Urban Splash project and people saying the flats should have been demolished, it will never work, etc, but the naysayers appear to have been proved wrong. The project has certainly not died of death. What are your thoughts now? Is it a positive thing for the city center and surrounding area, or is it just posh housing for trendy, rich people? https://rightmove.co.uk/properties/109829705#/ https://rightmove.co.uk/properties/108327707#/
  5. S6 is nicely placed for traveling to different parts of the city. Wadsley Bridge and Foxhill seem to have a lot of properties that are suitable for BTL and can be bought for around £100k, much less than the fancier areas, but still solid homes. How about S35? Good transport links and a variety of properties, plenty of suitable 2/3 bed terraced and semis for BTL. I wonder why it doesn’t get mentioned much?
  6. Thanks for the info Carl. Pure Gym sounds like it could be a goer. I'll check it out along with FU(it's much closer for me) but Pure Gym sounds more like it'll suit me.
  7. Cheers,that's good to know. I'm moving back to Sheffield and looking for a gym. I like the idea that it's open 24/7 as I like to workout at all hours. Can anyone tell me if it's easy to get on squat racks and smith machines? Also,do they have a system for reserving equipment with time limits when it gets busy?
  8. Thanks for your input chargeymarra but I don't know which clubs,shafts,etc will suit me the best so it makes more sense to hit a ton of balls with different clubs at the Ping centre and let them tell me which ones are best. The Ping centre is exactly the kind of place I was looking for.
  9. Cheers for the quick reply Wroughton. Before I started the thread I'd come across Sheffield Pro Shop's website and thought they might be a possibility but I didn't know about the Ping place. Had a look on the net about it and looks great so I think I'll try and book a session soon,apparently they get booked up months in advance. I really would like to be able to hit the balls and see the full ball flight and Ping have that so it suits me fine. My question for you now is about booking a session. The website said you should contact your local Ping stockist to make an appointment. So am I right in thinking that I would get fitted at the centre in Gainsborough and then buy the clubs through whichever Ping stockist had made the appointment for me? As you'll know there are plenty of Ping stockists in Sheffield but they don't all have the same prices. I've already seen a few clubs at American Golf that are cheaper than say Sheffield Pro Golf. Or will the price be the same wherever I buy if I get fitted at Gainsborough first? Any thoughts?
  10. Hi everybody! I'm looking for advice about getting a set of golf clubs fitted in Sheffield or nearby. The problem is that I live in Japan and clubs are much more expensive here,especially now the pound is much weaker. To cut a long story short I want to buy a set of clubs when I return home at Xmas. I'll only be home for about 3 weeks and I know it's the holiday period but I'd really appreciate it if anyone could tell me some good places where I can get fitted by people who know what they are doing. Hopefully I can book somewhere so I can get fitted as soon as I get back and then pick up the clubs before I leave,that's the plan anyhow. I play now with a set of bargain basement clubs that cost about 80 quid a decade ago and my handicap is around the 18-22 mark. I'm prepared to splash out on a high quality set as long as I know they are properly suited to my game. Ideally I'd like to get a couple of lessons from a pro who would then advise and fit me a set. Is it possible to do this anywhere? Cheers!
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