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  1. that comment "fling" is total'y so unfair!!!!!!!!!!!! i have gone to auctions in sheffield and surounding areas for over 25 yrs and only once have I known the police check on a vendor for stolen goods, and that was unfounded in the end. you might as well say that all car booters are house robbers as well. Im realy sorry if you like me have experenced having your home broken into. but there is no need to class every one as thiefs.
  2. hi there, ss you havent had a lot of responce. i would not have known about it if some one hadn't told me. the karaoke nights were real good, and every one enjoyed them selves and there was never any trouble at all. dispite the area haveing a bad reputation. we left in 2000.....rose n ken
  3. george lived on swarcliffe rd just off staniforth after he retired he was still there in 2001 but dont know since hope it helps
  4. hi there im the wife of ken birks. ken worked at both millsands and shepcote lane at the latter end he was shunting in the yards. hes doing fine and now 78 yrs old.
  5. thanks so much that is realy helpfull:)
  6. can any one tell me where in sheffield can i get this seaweed, i can on the net with high shiping costs:confused: tyvm:banana:
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